Are there any adverse reactions to scalp micropigmentation?

There are many potential clients of scalp micropigmentation who are curious about what to expect during the procedure. It is after all a big step to actually seek treatment for their hair loss. SMP can become a life-changing process because of the speed that it is accomplished. A prospective patient can go from being bald one day to having “hair” the next. This is just among the many benefits of pigmentation in general.

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Knowing what to expect is definitely a good way to prepare for SMP. It helps the client commit to the procedure knowing that it is a permanent remedy to hair loss. Note however, that this is not a cure. It is only the pigments that have a degree of permanence. Fading can of course occur four to six years after treatment though the pigments are dark enough to be noticed despite its paler hue. This can be easily resolved through touch ups by visiting the SMP clinic as required.

Potential clients also ask if there are any side effects when receiving treatment. They will be glad to know that there are none. If ever there were any, there has yet to be any evidence of it being recorded. Application of SMP is different for every patient because there are various clinics with their own procedures for treatment. Clients may have had some negative feedback about them that has gone unreported. This does not reflect upon SMP as a treatment but more on the technician that performed it.

Still, SMP has only been around for about twelve years. It has not been used long enough to determine its effects much further than that period. There is definitely more to learn about it and hopefully innovate upon an already effective service.

Maybe an area it could improve on is regulation. The adverse effects usually result from the technician himself as well as those masquerading as such. There are some unscrupulous businesses that offer services at prices way below the price of true scalp micropigmentation. It is difficult if not dangerous to actually engage their assistance because of the improbability that they could perform a procedure of standard quality. Excellent materials, first-rate equipment and experienced technicians all make up the necessary components to create a real treatment. The absence of one, some or all will definitely produce an inferior result upon the patient’s scalp.

Regrettably, there are still instances where hopeful clients are left with unsightly tattoos upon their scalp. What should have been an illusion of hair can become a revealing collection of ink. An SMP treatment can only be called as such when a regular onlooker cannot detect it.

There are other appalling cases where a poorly made SMP resulted in more awkward looking outcomes. Ink that was dark in the beginning would turn out blue after a few days. It would even morph into a green colored stain in other occasions. There would also be instances that the hair pigment pattern would not look appropriate for a patient’s skin tone or maybe his age. Men who are younger tend to be more in tune with an aggressive hairline while those who are older might be better suited for a softer one.

Any reputable clinic should follow a stringent procedure to ascertain their potential client’s medical background. There is no telling what allergic reactions they may contract from the inks used or from the treatment itself. Simple inquiries that relate to the matter prior to the procedure can help prevent this from happening.

It is also important to keep the equipment and facility sanitised at all times. Unclean surroundings are a breeding ground for potential infection. The clinic staff should be diligent in its efforts to keep their facility as hygienic as possible.