Are There Scalp Pigmentation Side Effects?

smp-fadingScalp pigmentation – the process of ‘tattooing’ the scalp with ink to simulate hair – is an ever growing, ever more popular way of improving a balding head. It is a relatively new procedure (only have been around for about 12 years), so some results are still being calculated, but all in all it seems there are very few side effects, if any, to worry about.

However, it is always worth listening closely to your practitioner when they explain what aftercare is required, as getting this right can mean the difference between a successful procedure, and an unsuccessful one. It will also mean that your recovery is more comfortable.

Research when it comes to scalp pigmentation is of the utmost importance, and will give you the confidence to know that the clinic an practitioner you choose not only knows what they are doing, but has carried out the procedure successfully many times before. This will reduce the chance of the pigmentation changing colour over time. This is not exactly a side effect, as – apart from natural fading – this simply should not happen if your practitioner is good at their job, but if the clinic you go to uses cheaper ink in a cost saving exercise, or to lower the cost to the client to entice more people to use them, this can become blue or even green in hue over time.

Good clinics will use high quality ink, and if that means that you pay more to begin with, it is surely better than having to have remedial procedures to fix ink that has turned an unnatural colour.

Are there Scalp Pigmentation Side Effects


Unsanitary conditions can also cause side effects including infection of the scalp – always ensure that you visit the clinic you choose before any procedure date is scheduled so that you can see exactly what the conditions are like. Don’t feel beholden to any particular clinic, even if you have made enquiries and feel as though you should use them because they were particularly helpful when you had questions; if there is even the barest hint of any kind of bad cleaning or poor sanitariness, it is not worth using that specific clinic.

Using good equipment is something we take very seriously at Vinci Hair Clinic, our specially designed MSP machines use the finest, very best pigmentation needles to give you an authentic result.