Client Testimonial - Lee

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Testimonial - Lee

Lee started to lose his hair in his thirties, and wasn’t really happy seeing what he saw in reflections which knocked his confidence. He takes pride in his appearance, and losing his hair was difficult for him.

Lee looked online, found Vinci Hair Clinic. “When I think back to my first treatment, I remember coming in feeling quite excited, nervous and a bit apprehensive. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.”

Lee had three treatments, which has given him a fantastic result, rebuilt his hair like. “I went from have no hair to hair in these areas, straight away felt a boost in my confidence. It looks great.”

Age is not a hinderance to having the Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment. Lee wasn’t satisfied with his receding hairline, which was noticeable even when he was shaving his hair short. After having a consult with Vinci, path to a new hairline was an easy process. The Vinci SMP technicians have treated over 10,000 clients using the SMP treatment.

“The staff delivered exactly what I expected, a fantastic Pigmentation result. Seeing my new hairline in the mirror makes me feel great.”

Lee only has to shave his head every couple of days, to maintain this look, which blends his existing hair with the pigmentation that he had done at our clinic in London.

Client Testimonial - Mark

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Testimonial - Mark

Mark started to lose his hair in his late teens, and being that young, it really affected him. His confidence took a hit, and it really affected his confidence as a person and he desired a younger look. “I was quite young, I cut it short, wore hats and was quite insecure about my hairline. A friend recommended the clinic.”

Mark discovered Vinci Hair Clinic and specifically the SMP procedure, where individual pigments are placed into the epidermis level of the skin to create a redefined hairline and to also cover his baldness. “So I told some of my friends that I was going to get the MSP done, I uploaded a picture of the before, and after and the reaction was amazing.”

“The environment is very positive and chilled. Its a great place to get your MSP done.”

The result Mark achieved has redefined how he looks, with a sympathetic hairline has really improved how his face is framed, and the reaction he got from friends really surprised him, he now has the confidence to go out without a hat on, and not trying to hide his baldness.

“The procedure has done me the world of good. I’ve just had my third session and the result is amazing.”

The treatment added density, and the only maintenance Mark has to do is shave his head ever 2-3 days. “It works really good. I keeps the contrast from the pigment to my hair very precise so nobody can notice the difference between my hair and the pigmentation.

“I would recommend anyone to come to Vinci Hair Clinic. The staff are so professional, they listen and understand what you want and delivered me a fantastic MSP result.”


Will Scalp Micro Pigmentation Blend In With My Existing Hair Successfully?

It’s a good question. It’s one that needs to be asked and must be answered before you decide to go ahead with scalp micropigmentation. Will the SMP blend in with the rest of your hair? The short answer is maybe. But that’s not very helpful.

The answer should be a succinct and definite yes, but that depends entirely on the experience and expertise of your SMP practitioner. Being able to blend the pigment of the tattoo with your existing hair is a skill that takes time to master. This is why using a scalp micropigmentation clinic with a good reputation and knowledgeable staff is so important. If the blending of the pigment and your hair isn’t quite right, the join will look obvious. This is clearly not what is intended when you decide to have SMP, and no one could be happy with that result.

Blending works by achieving a gradient of pigment in the scalp – the colour will go from darker to lighter (with it being darker the closer it is to the original hairline) to mimic the look of natural hair. It does take a lot of skill to get this done perfectly, which is why you should speak to your practitioner about this particular part of the SMP process. Ask for testimonials and read reviews – it is important for your peace of mind and the end result. 

Assuming you have a practitioner who knows what they are doing, then blending is not only possible but it will also be entirely successful. Everyone who has a scalp micropigmentation operation will need to have at least a little blending so that the end result looks as natural as possible. As for how much is needed, it will depend on the amount of hair loss, what you want to look like in the end, and whether or not it will be age-appropriate. This last point is important if you want to obtain a truly natural look as anything that is not age-appropriate will immediately look out of place. The point of having SMP is for it not to be noticed.


Scalp Micro Pigmentation for Fair Skin – Will It Work For Me?

Men with fair hair are often unsure as to whether they can have scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation is the process of injecting a special kind of ink beneath the surface of the scalp – it acts as a semi-permanent tattoo, giving the impression of hair. It can be a great solution to thinning hair, and good quality SMP can look completely natural.

However, the majority of men who are pictured as having this procedure appear to have dark hair, and of course the idea of ‘ink’ makes it sound as though it will necessarily be dark. This is not the case. There are dozens of different pigments available for the experts to use, ranging from the very dark to the extremely fair – even those with what we could call ‘white blond’ can be treated, and the procedure is the same as for anyone else.

The only difference is that those with fairer hair and skin will have a decision to make regarding the final look of the procedure. It will either be possible to shave the head entirely, leaving no trace of the original hair at all and then introduce a darker pigment through the SMP process. This will, inevitably, give the impression of darker hair, and it can work wonderfully well. Caution should be exercised, though – if your skin is also very light, and the hair of your eyebrows is as blond as the hair on your head was, then a darker pigment on the scalp could look unnatural. The other option is to use an extremely light pigment. The only downside to this is that any ink used will fade, and the lighter it is the less easy it will be to see.

The best thing to do if you have very light hair and are considering scalp micropigmentation is to visit your nearest clinic and speak to an expert – they will be able to advise you on the best course of action for you.

How Important Is It To Have a Realistic Looking Hairline?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation for Dark Skin – Will The SMP Be Visible?

Scalp micropigmentation – the process of ‘tattooing’ hair follicles onto the scalp to look like natural hair – is for everyone. It does not matter what skin tone you have – the process will show up on dark skin or fair skin as long as you have an expert practitioner to guide you through the process, and to carry out the work.

Due to men of Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean, and African backgrounds and ethnicities having naturally thicker hair than men with Caucasian heritage, the process of completely the scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a little different – but it can still be carried out without any after effects. The thicker the hair, the larger the hair follicles, and therefore to give the appearance of natural hair the ‘dots’ placed on darker skin will need to be larger. Care must be taken when carrying out this procedure, as if the dots are too large or they are placed incorrectly, the result can look like a large smudge rather than hair. This is why going to an expert is essential when you want the outcome of the procedure to look attractive.

Another consideration is, of course, how dark the pigment needs to be. A darker pigment is actually easier to work with than a lighter one, and there are dozens of different colours to pick from. A full consultation with your practitioner will determine exactly what pigment is required, and once that is decided it will be possible to work out how many sessions will be needed to complete the work.

It is important to remember that, due to the fact that the pigment will naturally fade, a more defined hairline and style will be required on darker skin. A faded hairline is often used on lighter skin to give a more natural look, but this necessarily requires smaller dots – and these do no look natural on darker skin.


Why Is It Important To Seek Advice About Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

If you are suffering from hair loss you may have considered having a scalp micropigmentation procedure carried out to combat the effects. But without the proper advice, you may find yourself having problems deciding who to use and whether or not to go ahead.

When it comes to any kind of cosmetic procedure, listening to – and asking for – advice from those who have ‘been there, done that’ can be the most important thing you do in preparation for it. There is much research that you can do by yourself, but when it comes to an honest appraisal of the procedure, there is nothing like first hand experience. There are many practitioners out there who aren’t as highly qualified as others, or who don’t have as much experience. This is why finding out as much as you can before the procedure takes place is vital.

Online forums such as the excellent will give you honest information and advice about scalp micropigmentation as well as many other different ways to combat hair loss. What is most important to you? A natural looking hairline? An experienced practitioner? A good price? Whatever you need to know, you can ask your question online and be sure of a response that will help you make your decision.

Another way to get great advice and learn more about certain clinics is from testimonials. Search online, look at the forums, or even look on the websites and social media feeds of the clinics concerned. You will soon get a good idea of just how they operate and whether or not you want to entrust your SMP procedure to them.

Whatever you choose to do, advice will be needed. Once you have made your decision, book a consultation with your chosen clinic and expert to talk through the procedure and make your final decision.


How Important Is It To Have a Realistic Looking Hairline?

No one would choose to have scalp micropigmentation if they knew that the end result would be one that looked completely unrealistic. Would they? Probably not, although having the choice is essential. This is why you must always have a long consultation with your expert practitioner before deciding to go ahead with the treatment. If the end result is not going to look as you want it to, you should consider whether a different treatment might be more worthwhile.

Your practitioner will look at your hairline, your hair colouring, your skin tone, and the shape of your skull to determine how realistic your SMP would be if you were to have it done. This is where you can make an informed choice as to what you really want to do. You should never feel pressured into going ahead with a procedure that won’t give you the look you are hoping for.

One thing to be wary of is that SMP takes a number of sessions to complete. After the first session you may worry that the process isn’t going as it should be – the pigment will look very light, for example, and it may not match your existing hairline or hair colour. This is all part of the process, and over the next few sessions these pigments will be filled in with darker ink to make the tone look more natural. This is why SMP takes more than one appointment to complete.

As well as needing more than one procedure, some SMP patients will also require ‘touch up’ work as time goes on. The pigment can fade, and this extra ink will make it look more natural again. Don’t be afraid to ask about these procedures during your initial concentration – your practitioner will be happy to help you look as natural as possible. After all, it is the entire point of having scalp micropigmentation in the first place.


What To Expect From Your Aftercare Package With Vinci Hair Clinic

The end of your care and treatment shouldn’t end when the last drop of ink has been added to your scalp. In order to have a natural, attractive looking hairline, and in order to have the most painless and fastest healing time possible, you need an excellent aftercare package too.

Which is where Vinci Hair Clinic stands apart from the rest. We won’t complete the final procedure and send you on your way without any help or advice. We won’t even send you away without any products. We’ll give you everything you need to ensure that your scalp heals exactly as it should.

The Vinci Hair Clinic gives every one of our patients a special post-op care package that includes everything you need for the quickest and easiest healing process. The package includes our brilliant post-op shampoo that should be used when you go home from your SMP procedure. This won’t cause any irritation, which is exactly what is needed for perfect healing. It is gentle enough to be safe, but strong enough to clean as it needs to. You will also receive a great post-op cleansing spray which is ideal for use on the donor area itself and any scabs you may have. Due to the nature of the procedure, these areas will be sore so any pressure can irritate them. A spray will stop that from happening.

As well as these cleansing products, you will also receive a special vitamin enriched oil. This will help to revitalise the recipient area, meaning that it can heal more quickly. This is just one of the ways in which Vinci Hair Clinic’s clients are able to get to back their normal lives and routines faster – recovery time is much shorter with our handy post-op package. Some clinics let their patients go without any products or advice about how to care for their new scalp pigmentation. This means that mistakes can be made if the wrong product is chosen, even after research.


Why it is important to have multiple MSP sessions to achieve the best results

Everyone patient that comes to Vinci's Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) clinics is different, and each MSP case is evaluated by our experienced MSP consultants on its own merits, and it is usually the case that to achieve the best, long lasting results micro scalp pigmentation needs to be built up over multiple sessions. These can range from three sessions to five or six.

Because the medical grade pigment that Vinci uses, each scalp will respond differently depending on the skin quality and type, even different areas of the scalp can respond differently. Starting with designing the new hair line and then work back over the top of the scalp to the crown or vertex in the first session.

Why it is important to have multiple MSP sessions to achieve the best results
The patient before he had his Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment, showing his initial treatment at our clinic in Malaga, Spain.

The time that is taken between the first and second session can differ for each patient too. The length of time can be from ten to fourteen days to maybe one month; dependent on how long it takes for the pigment and skin to settle.

By allowing the pigment to settle properly, and also by letting the skin relax will help on the correct pigment tone to use in the second session to build up the look of density. This ensures that the pigment correctly takes to the skin.

It is completely normal for the pigment to slightly fade after the initial session. The second session will build on the first session, by adding to the tone of the pigmentation, and also adjusts the contrast according to the fading over the scalp.

Why it is important to have multiple MSP sessions to achieve the best results
The patient after his second Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment at our clinic in Malaga, Spain.

There is also the possibly to make adjustments to the hair line design if required. For the majority, a third session is sufficient to blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural hair.

There are exceptions to this, if the tone takes longer to settle due to the skin quality this could make the patient require further sessions to increase the look of density on the scalp. Also alternative hair loss conditions to male pattern baldness can affect the number of sessions, and more specifically the treating scarring generally caused by a hair transplant can require further touch-ups.

The hair loss condition alopecia areata leaves patches of hair loss around the head, and the skin quality can alter greatly. Scarring changes the integrity of the skin. These conditions can cause irregular fading of the tone and require more sessions to ensure an even blend and look of density is achieved.

Why it is important to have multiple MSP sessions to achieve the best results
The patient after his third Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment at our clinic in Malaga, Spain. The last picture is his final result.

With the correct application of MSP it is possible to achieve excellent, undetectable results. Even on close inspection the treatment can accurately simulate the look of shaved hair.

Vinci Hair Clinic MSP covers as many sessions as we feel is necessary to deliver a natural looking result; and with a 12-month guarantee, and results can last for many years without requiring any small touch-up, giving you peace of mind.

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Nick After

Creating A Great Looking Micro Scalp Pigmentation Look - Nick

Creating A Great Looking Micro Scalp Pigmentation Look - Nick Before
Creating A Great Looking Micro Scalp Pigmentation Look - Nick After

Nick came to Vinci Hair Clinic after discovering the Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) treatment. He was suffering from normal male pattern baldness, and wanted to have a more defined hairline.

"I have never felt compelled to write a review before but in this instance I really want to express how positive this procedure has affected my life. It’s even got me an extras part on a film as man with a shaved head."

Creating A Great Looking Micro Scalp Pigmentation Look - Nick
Creating A Great Looking Micro Scalp Pigmentation Look - Nick is much more confident

Nick's confidence has soared since he had the treatment. "Before, I wouldn’t leave the house without my hat, now I don’t even own one. It’s such a good job most people don’t even believe that it’s a “tattoo” (micro pigmentation) and that there’s no way it’s not my natural hair line."

The Treatment did not hurt Nick at all. Whilst they did the pigmentation treatment he felt just a small sensation on his head.

"The first session is the longest and the follow up sessions where done over a few weeks, everyone was always friendly and professional. Your head is more or less your face so it’s very important you go to the right place, not a standard tattoo artist or an unqualified MSP artist, were you will get drawn a new hairline with a crayola for £500. Give your head the quality it deserves."

Nick recommends Vinci Hair Clinic because the level of professionalism and experience allowed him to put trust in their experienced MSP Technicians to create the best outcome possible. You can just tell they are the top of list for hair loss treatments.

"I would 100 percent recommend Vinci Hair Clinic because the level of professionalism and experience allows you to put trust in them to create the best outcome possible. You can tell they are the top of list for hair loss treatments."

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