The best hair loss clinic in Lagos, Nigeria

Now expanded to 22 locations around the world including London, Paris and New York City, Vinci Hair Clinic has recently opened a new hair loss clinic in Lagos, Nigeria. The primary service offered at our Nigeria clinic is our world-renowned scalp micropigmentation process, already the fastest growing hair replication technique in the world, advanced and perfected by Vinci Hair Clinic.

Why open in Nigeria?

Oue European clinics were receiving an increasing number of enquiries from African clients, particularly from Nigeria, so it was the obvious thing to do. It would appear that our decision was the right one, as since opening in Lagos in mid 2014, our Nigerian hair loss clinic has become one of our busiest locations.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Lagos

What is scalp micropigmentation?

Also known as SMP, scalp micropigmentation is a highly advanced technique to cover hair loss. Using thousands of pigmented micro-dots in the scalp, SMP replicates lost hair in a shaven style. After treatment, the client simply keeps their hair short. Their treatment looks exactly like real hair. No-one will ever know unless you tell them.

Example of SMP on black skin

Not all clients are required to keep their hair short. Many men and women keep their hair long, using scalp micropigmentation to shade their scalp to reduce the appearance of thinning hair. In Nigeria this option is proving particularly popular, especially among our female clients.

SMP and black skin

Scalp micropigmentation is particularly effective on black or darker skin tones. Ultimately the purpose of SMP is to look like real hair, and on black skin this effect is especially prominent and realistic. Some of the very best treatments ever performed at Vinci Hair Clinic were on men with darker skin tones.

The requirements for black men and women are different. For example each micro-dot must replicate an individual hair, and in black clients the dots must be larger and darker to achieve this. The styles we create are also different, in accordance with our clients requirements. If you’re considering scalp micropigmentation, choose ONLY a clinic that has specific experience treating your skin tone.

The only hair loss clinic in Nigeria offering SMP

Some clinics in Nigeria offer good services, unfortunately many do not and leave their clients scarred and full of regret. At Vinci Hair Clinic we have established a global reputation as one of the very best, and we bring this same level of experience and expertise to our valued clients in Lagos.

We are also the only recognised clinic in Nigeria offering a scalp micropigmentation service. Do not be fooled by imitators and tattoo shops that claim to offer the same service.

Vinci Hair Clinic – Lagos
109 Awolowo Road
Ikoyi, Lagos
+234 1 212 2453
+234 1 632 2238
+234 1 291 0218

Clinic Directions: Enter Awolowo Road from Falomo roundabout, after 400 yards on the right is a seven storey building, Maku Plaza, 109 Awolowo Road, which is next to Forte Oil Station and directly opposite Standard Chartered Bank.