Did David Beckham have a secret hair transplant?

The whole world knows who David Beckham is. Football hero. Top endorser. Champion. Millionaire. Fashion icon. The man is an absolute winner. The dedication and work he has given to the sport of football has returned to him so many times over. He loved it as a child and it will love him back well into his twilight years. He came from a humble background and transformed himself into a superstar.

Mr. Beckham has recently retired though he is still adding to his legend. He is currently one of the owners of the Miami Major League Soccer Team. He plans to have it up and running by 2017. He is in a prime position to expand football’s interests in North America. It is probably the last remaining continent with the exception of Antarctica, which has not fully-embraced the love of football. David was able to buy into the team ownership at a price of twenty-five million dollars. It is a bargain price compared to the potential revenues a team located in Miami can generate. There are a lot of celebrities and power players in their respective industries that live in this lovely city. Miami is sure to help out Beckham’s team achieve the super-stardom that its owners and residents have likewise achieved.

David Beckham

It is fascinating that David Beckham has achieved all of this at only thirty-nine years of age. That is still quite young. It is as if he has already lived so many different lives. It may seem that it would take more than one life to attain all that he has achieved. There is another more playful reason for this. It is also due to the fact that he has appeared in so many different hairstyles. Being able to keep up with the latest trends as well as be great at his sport could very well be an achievement in itself. Then again, maybe it was because he was one of the first people to wear such hairstyle that made it popular in the first place.

What has also been trending these past years have been these persistent rumours surrounding the authenticity of his hair. There have always been doubts that what is on top of the football king’s crown is not entirely his. Could he have had hair transplant surgery? How has he kept it hidden for so long? These are the constant questions that seem to be thrown about as carelessly as a misplaced penalty kick.

It behooves the person that brings up this topic to explain the truth of their observation. There is none to be found however. Mr. Beckham’s regularity in switching hairstyles alone makes it seem impossible to have the time or the hair strands to accommodate a new transplant. His scalp would not heal in time for the next switch in hairstyle. A year would have to pass before the benefits of a hair transplant would reveal itself. It is also difficult to change the hairstyle after the surgery has been made. The hair is set in place, in other words.

This rumour even if totally dispelled, is sure to surface again. He is after all of age for the onset of alopecia or male pattern baldness. It usually starts at the age of thirty. He is already fast approaching forty. Who knows, maybe he really did have Mrs. Beckham’s hair transplanted onto his scalp? Where this type of gossip comes from however, can sometimes be as amazing as David’s stellar playmaking ability.

One thing is for sure. David Beckham has secured his place in the annals of football history. He may not be considered to be as great as his contemporaries in terms of individual skills. What he has done however is to become one of football’s greatest ambassadors. His courage to always be different by pushing the limits of what he can achieve, whether it be winning championships with a variety of teams, in different countries and of course, doing it all while donning an array of hairstyles is what sets him apart. He is a trailblazer and hopefully the proverbial torch he carries for the sport will continue to blaze brightly whether he is in Miami or his hometown of London.