Designing Your Perfect Scalp Micro Pigmentation Hairline


There are some hair transplant and procedure clinics that don’t listen to their clients. We’re not one of them. When you come to us to discuss your options, we’ll give you advice, chat about what the procedure entails, and listen to exactly what it is you want us to do – what you want as a final outcome to the procedure you’ve chosen. And with scalp micro pigmentation (SMP), you have even more say than ever about how you will end up looking.

SMP is a personal process, and at the end of the procedure you should – if you are using a reputable, expert clinic – have a unique look that is exactly what you wanted. SMP is a flexible way to produce a new look, and it’s cost effective, safe, and confidence boosting too.

Your initial consultation for SMP will give you the opportunity to learn about the process, and to give you the chance to ask as many question as you need to about what happens before, during, and after the procedure. It’s also where you will be able to design your very own, unique, new hairstyle. Choose the colour, the texture, where you want the hairline to begin and end to give you the most natural finish. And the expert practitioner will help you along the way, offering you ideas and concepts you may not have considered before. It all depends on skin type, face shape, your favourite style, and many more factors that will all be talked through with you. What a fabulous idea!

Because the tools and techniques at Vinci Clinics are top class and up to date, we can offer more than others can. That means you come away feeling great about yourself and your choices. You are unique, one of a kind, and special. So it’s about time your hair reflected that.