How to get the best scalp micropigmentation outcome

Patients want to know how to get the optimum outcome from their SMP procedure. The member of the Vinci team handling your case will tell you all you need to know about this. You should still research on your own to know what to ask before undergoing the treatment. The top of your list should be determining the style you want to achieve.

Selecting the right person for the job

Experience is important but it is not everything. There are also those who have not been practicing for a significant amount of time but have already achieved good results. A combination of consistency and reliability seem to be the right qualifications when choosing the technician to do the job.

You may also want to consider the clinic where the technician practices. It should be excellent in terms of service and aftercare. They should give good advice and put your well-being ahead of their own business. This applies all throughout the duration of your procedure. As the leading scalp micropigmentation clinic in the world, you’re in safe hands with Vinci.

Scalp Pigmentation and Hair Transplant


Be clear on what you want and make sure that our technician is fully aware. Provide all the necessary information to achieve the look you desire. You can bring pictures of others or maybe even some of yourself with the look you want. Use other forms of communication if you have to such as drawings, email or the telephone. The goal should be that you understand each other entirely, so our technician knows exactly what they are expected to deliver.

It is likely that you will be interacting with the same person from the beginning to the end of your treatment. If another of our technicians is also involved in your process, rest assured they will be fully briefed as everything must be clear to all parties for the duration of the treatment.

Know the steps

A normal hair tattoo pales in comparison to the technique developed in-house by Vinci Hair Clinic. A considerable amount of dedication and practice is required to be able to perform an almost flawless operation. In spite of this, always keep in mind the goal you want to reach. Here is a list of probable outcomes:

  • Fading is normal between treatments. Speak with your technician if you have any concerns, but remember that fading is an expected part of the process.
  • Let your technician know what length you aim to keep your hair after your SMP treatment.
  • It usually takes more than one treatment to reach your goal, as fading is sure to occur. Be patient and expect at least a couple or more procedures before it is completed.

Confidence is key!

Carry your new look with pride. The purpose of SMP is to enable you to leave hair loss behind, so once your treatment is complete, do exactly that and don’t obsess over your new look. Just admire it, smile and move on.