Scalp MicroPigmentation Ireland

Our Scalp Pigmentation clinic in Ireland is situated in the centre of Dublin. Our Dublin SMP centre is perfectly situated for clients from right across Dublin and indeed the whole of Southern Ireland with easy connections from Shannon, Cork and other towns.

Vinci’s Scalp MicroPigmentation Clinic in Ireland offers consultations for all of our hair loss treatments, including the revolutionary Micro Scalp Pigmentation (also known as SMP, MSP) and Hair Transplant Scar Coverage treatments.

What To Do Next

The first thing to know is all consultations with Vinci are free, and without obligation. At the consultation, one of our Vinci Hair Clinic SMP and hair loss experts will discuss with you about your hair loss, do a full analysis of your current and predicted future hair loss and then give you the best solution to your hair issue.

What Is The SMP Treatment Solution?
This treatment is provided by Vinci Hair Clinic across the world, and indeed in the UK and Ireland. The pigmentation is done over 2-4 sessions, with the aim of helping to disguise the signs of alopecia, baldness and/or thinning hair. This great solution can redefine your hairline, and disguise a wide range of hair related issues. If you choose this treatment, results are visible after the first treatment. We will strive to deliver you totally natural looking, sympathetic results. > Read More
Can SMP Hide Hair Scars?
This procedure can indeed be applied to disguise Hair Transplant Scars. The application of the treatment is to darken the scar and give the impression thicker and denser looking hair in the affected, scarred area. By using this treatment, the scarring’s appearance is lessened to almost completely camouflage the scar. We offer you this fantastic scalp pigmentation procedure, and after the treatment you wont have to worry about the scars, as the wont be able to be seen as prominently. > Read More
SMP For Longer Hair
Long hair SMP is designed to disguise thinning hair for people with longer hair. This treatment can specifically be used for people who have specific types of hair thinning or balding. Scalp Pigmentation for longer hair is used to create a similar effect to Toppik and Nanogen hair fibres, without the need to apply these topical treatments daily. > Read More

All procedures are carried out the highest technical and medical standards, with the best aftercare and indeed the best SMP treatment available. To book your consultation with us in today in Ireland, please call us today on: 1 6869421, or alternatively contact us using our webform.

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