Did Kevin Costner actually have a hair transplant?

This famous celebrity once had noticeable balding hair back in 2006. He then had a successful procedure performed on his scalp in 2008 though it seems like he might need to return to the hair clinic. Kevin Costner is rumored not to be content with his hair loss condition at the moment.

Almost all men are concerned about hair loss. There are about two in every three men above thirty that have a hair loss condition. A majority of these men have male pattern baldness. The most obvious tell tale sign is a receding hairline beginning at the temporal area of the scalp and is followed by hair loss in the frontal temporal region above the forehead as well as balding in the vertex region.

There are different remedies to treat hair loss. Products such as shampoos and concealers are available for those whose condition is still at its beginning stages. Anti hair loss drugs that have been proven to be effective can help those whose onset of hair loss has become more noticeable. Should one’s hair loss become more advanced in its progression, surgery could be used to treat it. This is really up to the person with the condition however, to choose which method suits them best. Most people especially the likes of Costner have benefitted from these remedies. It has also inspired other people to act toward doing it for themselves as well.

Kevin Costner

The condition of androgenic alopecia exists in all walks of life. This is also very true among celebrities who have to undergo through the same ordeal. Kevin Costner is a good example that hair loss should not deter one from seeking treatment for it.

He is one of the most notable actors of his time and the demands of his profession calls for a premium to be put on one’s appearance. Being one of Hollywood’s most recognisable faces, Costner has to make an effort to always maintain a high standard when it comes to his image. This is the reason why Kevin was reputed to be quite bothered when he was reviewing some footage of a movie they were shooting. There were a lot of scenes that made his bald spots quite noticeable. This did not sit well with him and he knew that he had to do something about it.

His struggle with hair loss continues despite having addressed it through a hair transplant. It is something that he still has to deal with because his hair seems to be progressively shedding. The make up artists responsible for his image try to do a good job, and they have. He can still find humour in his situation however and regularly pokes fun at himself. He states there are only three hairs remaining on his scalp that are truly his that he fondly refers to as the Three Stooges.

Kidding aside, Kevin is still serious about how he looks. This is the reason why he has a hairdresser on hand to ensure that no bald spots remain exposed. Density is important to address his scalp’s thinning volume and a variety of products are used to remedy this situation. Costner also prefers to have a big mirror next to him in order to verify that all the hair is exactly in place before shooting a scene. This is a means by which he can instantly inform himself that he would require further assistance from his hairdresser.

There are legions upon legions of men that have the same problem as Kevin Costner. Most remedies available to them might not be effective even though they have tried their best to search the best one for their condition. It does not mean however, that they should give up. If Kevin Costner is going through the same thing and doing everything he can about it, then they could too.