If you’re considering your options and you believe that scalp micropigmentation may suit your needs, the obvious question is about how much it costs. A great solution for hair loss is of no use if you are unable to afford it, after all.

The great news is that SMP costs comparatively less than a hair transplant, a hair system or a lifetime of concealers such as Nanofibres or DermMatch, pills like Propecia and Procerin and potions such as Rogaine and Provillus. When comparing costs with scalp micropigmentation, there really is no competition when you consider the long term financial commitment that many solutions are associated with.


With any hair loss remedy, you must consider the lifetime cost of treatment. For example Propecia tablets manufactured by drug company Merck can be bought for around £40.00 per month (UK GBP) which sounds reasonable, however you are obliged to continue taking them for the rest of your life or any benefits will quickly evaporate and your hair loss will catch up with you at rapid pace. In reality Propecia costs approx £480 per year, £4800 for 10 years and almost £15,000 for a 30 year habit. That’s for a drug that offers no guarantee of success, and the threat of some serious side effects including erectile dysfunction and long term impotence.

Add up the cost of using concealers, hair systems, minoxidil lotion, shampoos and supplements, and the lifetime cost is many thousands of pounds in every single case.

The price of a full and complete scalp micropigmentation for someone that has considerable hair loss, our SMP treatments at Vinci Hair Clinic can start from:

  • United Kingdom – FROM £2500 (GBP)
  • Ireland – FROM €3500 (EUR)
  • United States – FROM $4000 (USD)
  • Australia – FROM $5,000 (AUD)
  • Brazil – FROM R$4000 (BRL)
  • UAE – FROM Dhs 10,000 (AED)
  • France – FROM €2000 (EUR)
  • Spain – FROM €2000 (EUR)

The prices above are for guidance only, the final pricing for your treatment will vary depending on the size of the area that requires scalp micropigmentation. For more details of the treatment, arrange a free consultation at your local clinic and you will receive a personalised quote.

What exactly do you get for your money?

At Vinci Hair Clinic we employ and train the very best SMP technicians around. We pride ourselves on the excellent results we deliver for our clients, and the reputation we have built around the world as a result.

When you choose Vinci Hair Clinic for your treatment you can rightfully expect a first class service, exceptional results and high quality customer service from start to finish.

For more information about out service please contact us.

How much does scalp micropigmentation usually cost?