In response to the high demand for our hair restoration services in Africa, Vinci Hair Clinic is delighted to offer our MSP micro scalp pigmentation in Lagos, Nigeria. We are the experts in treating hair loss, specialising in conditions such as male pattern balding, scarring on the scalp from old hair transplants, and traction alopecia.

Vinci Hair Clinic in Lagos

Located in the Iyoki district of Lagos, Vinci Hair Clinic provides a convenient option for those based within Nigeria and from elsewhere in Africa. In the past, Vinci Hair Clinic clients from Africa have had to travel to Europe for hair restoration – our services are now much more accessible. Our Lagos hair restoration clinic is comfortable and well-equipped, and staffed by a highly trained professional team. We take a personalised approach to your hair restoration journey, helping you to choose the most suitable hair loss treatments and achieve your unique goals.

Vinci Micro Scalp Pigmentation in Lagos

Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos is the first and only hair restoration clinic in Africa to offer Vinci MSP micro scalp pigmentation, an innovative technique which allows us to effectively disguise hair loss. MSP was developed by Vinci’s experts as an alternative to hair transplants and is minimally invasive, with a short healing period.

MSP Treatment in Lagos

Performed at our Lagos scalp micropigmentation clinic, MSP is a procedure with some similarities to a tattoo. Pigment is applied to the scalp with precision and skill to build up the appearance of short hair growth in areas of hair loss and thinning. The result is completely natural looking and ideal for those who plan to wear their hair in a short or shaved hair style after their MSP treatment at Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos.

Long Hair Micro Scalp Pigmentation in Nigeria

While MSP is most frequently used to treat male hair loss, the technique can also be adapted for women whose hair has become thin or patchy due to conditions like traction alopecia. If you prefer to wear your hair in a longer style, but would like to have a look of greater density and thickness at the scalp, Vinci MSP may be a suitable option for you.

Ricardo Before

Ricardo After

Hair Loss Treatment in Lagos, Nigeria

Along with our exclusive scalp micropigmentation, Vinci Lagos provides a full range of hair restoration solutions including FUT hair transplants, mesotherapy, PRP, medical treatments and Lasercap therapy. Your Vinci advisor will explain to you which of these treatments would be most suited to your particular condition and how we can use them to get the best results in your hair restoration journey.  Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos also offers beard and eyebrow hair transplants.

Start Your Hair Restoration Journey Now

Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos would be honoured to guide you on your journey to hair restoration and a more confident new you. We welcome you to join us at our hair and scalp clinic in Lagos for a free, no-obligation consultation, including full analysis of your condition and a customised treatment plan. This is your opportunity to learn what Vinci Hair Clinic hair restoration treatments can do for your, and ask any questions you may have about hair loss.

Our scalp pigmentation treatment starts from NGN375,000 but don’t be discouraged by the price. Come and have a free consultation and let us see how we can help you.

Book Your Free Consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos

Being part of the Vinci Hair Clinic Worldwide Group we have access to expertise and clinics worldwide, and our specialist SMP technicians can help you with all your questions.  But why don’t you start the process with an online consultation, sending in photos to or simply calling us on +234 01 291 0218 to book your treatment or personal consultation and start your journey towards a full head of hair again.

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