How quickly does scalp micropigmentation fade?

smp-fadingSome of the most common questions we are asked about scalp micropigmentation is whether or not the pigments will fade over time, how quickly and what the scalp will look like as a result.

The fading process is actually very straightforward. It is influenced primarily by exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun, tanning beds etc, and your own immune system.

Managing your exposure to the sun and tanning beds can be easy or challenging depending on where you live, and your lifestyle. If you live in a hot country or work outside for long periods of time, it can sometimes be difficult and undesirable to properly protect your scalp at all times.


Your immune system will do what it can to disperse the pigmentation within your scalp. Thankfully this process takes decades to significantly fade your treatment and is therefore of no real concern in the short to medium term.

How long is your treatment likely to last?

Following your initial SMP procedure, you are most likely to need additional sessions to correct fading during the first 12 months. After then, most clients do not need additional pigmentation for several years.

A realistic expectation is to return to your clinic once or twice in the short term to correct minor fading, usually in small inconspicuous patches, then to allow an additional short treatment session every 5-7 years to keep your new hair looking its very best.

Can a different treatment approach increase its longevity?

In a word, no. We are often asked to use darker pigments or a denser dispersal in the belief that this will reduce fading, but it won’t.

At Vinci Hair Clinic we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and that means creating a totally flawless match between your SMP and your real hair. This requires exact pigment selection by a skilled Vinci technician, and cannot be compromised by using pigments that are too dark or applied too densely.

What advice do we offer?

There is a limit to what extent you can control your exposure to the sun, and there is nothing you can (or should try to) do to stop your immune system from doing what is basically its proper function. There are steps you can take however to get the best longevity from your scalp micropigmentation, as follows:

  • Use adequate sun protection when exposed for long periods of time. Sun protection could include a suitable grade SPF barrier cream or a hat
  • Avoid tanning salons, or if you must use them, cover your treated scalp area
  • Moisturise your scalp daily to maintain good skin health
  • Avoid using any products on your scalp that contain a high alcohol content