Recommended hair loss remedies for male pattern baldness

There comes a time in almost every man’s life where he will experience the genetic hair loss condition called androgenic alopecia. It might not happen for some but it will definitely manifest itself in a majority of men. This will begin with a receding hairline at the temporal regions of the scalp, followed by the frontal area above the forehead. The vertex region will likewise exhibit balding as the condition progresses further. Eventually, the hair loss will result in the top of the scalp being completely bald with only the lower sides and back of the head having coverage.

The main culprit why male pattern comes about is the attraction of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with the androgen receptors of hair follicles. When they bind together, the nutrients coming from the bloodstream is unable to provide nourishment for continued growth of the hair strands. As a result, the hair follicles slowly shrink evidenced by top of the scalp as it is gradually exposed due to lack of coverage. The hair strands slowly reduce in length and circumference with each hair cycle, becoming wispy in appearance until it can no longer develop new ones.


It must be understood that the onset of male pattern baldness can only be slowed down and a real cure has yet to be created. This tidbit of information may be quite helpful in weeding out any products or services that claim to totally end androgenic alopecia. It is best not to try such things that offer empty promises. Another thing to remember is that treatment should begin as soon as the symptoms start manifesting themselves. This provides ample opportunity to preserve any existing hair for a longer period of time.

The first thing that can be done is to have a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough rest as well as eating the right foods will not only be a good way to hedge against hair loss. It will also give a great boost to a person’s over all health and mental well being as well. This can also serve to minimise the chance of stress-related hair loss.

A receding hairline will appear in the temporal regions and then the frontal area above the forehead. Use hair loss shampoos and possibly concealers before this becomes more noticeable. Though it is not as effective as other remedies, anti hair loss shampoos like Nioxin are an affordable way to address any initial signs of balding. It helps to maintain cleanliness and stimulate the blood flow upon the scalp resulting in a healthier head of hair.

Surgery in the form of a hair transplant is a more direct method of tackling the problem. There needs to be enough donor hair to cover the balding areas because this method simply repositions healthy hair follicles, it does not create new ones. Note that the recovery coupled with the waiting period can take a while before positive results can be seen.

Scalp micropigmentation treatment by Vinci Hair Clinic is perhaps the fastest way to address androgenic alopecia. It is true that what it provides is merely a two-dimensional illusion though it can also work with actual hair. SMP is best because there is yet to be a real cure for male pattern baldness. It helps those embrace their condition earlier by exposing their baldness through a shaved scalp though camouflaging it with carefully placed pigments.