Scalp Micro Pigmentation: Alternatives to a hair transplant

The remedies for baldness have diversified the same way they have done patients. If a patient believes it does not need hair grafts, but a more simple and natural treatment, you can use the Scalp Micro Pigmentation, which gives your scalp an aspect of a shaved design, and solves the problem of baldness from the aesthetic point of view.

Early treatments for alopecia tried to solve the problem with a permanent solution that left many dissatisfied patients. Now, the options for treating baldness have diversified and point to the particular needs of each person, the money you are willing to invest and the final look you want for your scalp.

Among this range of options available is Scalp Micro Pigmentation, which results in long lasting, natural-looking on the scalp without spending large amounts of money on hair transplant sessions. It is also an immediate result. Vinci Hair Clinic is pleased to be able to offer innovative alternatives to a hair transplant.

Will Scalp Micropigmentation Blend In With My Existing Hair Successfully?

How does it work?

This treatment has become one of the most cost effective and practical options for baldness. It is characterised by the placing of small black follicle simulating pigments on the scalp, giving the impression that these are small strands of hair growth, which achieves a natural, shaved look.

With this new process, the patient will not have to go through any surgical procedures, without invading your scalp with harmful chemicals or hair implants, and most importantly, there is no scarring.


Apart from being very economical and easy to achieve, with Scalp Micro Pigmentation it is not necessary to resort to long sessions to place hair implants, adhesives, wigs or any other methods that combat alopecia.

It also does not require long aftercare, because it does not leave marks or scars because it uses only small dots (pigments) and generates a little pain while the tattoo is done.

On the other hand, if for some reason the person decides to change look and opt for another type of treatment for baldness, there will be no problem to do so. You can also use the hair micropigmentation to cover a scar or enhance the effect of another type of treatment for alopecia.
Although treatment is easy to apply, it is recommended to select a consulting expert who can provide the best clinical environment to provide you a great, safe result. In some cases, the hair micropigmentation may need a touched up over time for the best end result.

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