Scalp Micro Pigmentation for FUE scars

It is common knowledge that scalp micropigmentation is used to hide hair transplant scars, however many people do not realise that SMP works for dot-type FUE scars as well as the more common strip scar.

This is odd when you consider that FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a more modern hair transplant technique in widespread use today. The purpose of this article is to show how scalp micropigmentation can be used to hide scars resulting from follicular unit extraction, or FUE surgery.

How is FUE scarring different?

The FUT procedure is more commonly referred to as the strip method, and results in a linear scar across the donor area, usually the back of the head. The width of the scar is largely decided by the surgeons skill level. FUE scars are minimal in the recipient area, but can be seen as multiple round scars in the donor area.

Basically strip scars are linear at the back of the head, whilst FUE scars are consist of multiple small areas, usually round. FUE scarring also occurs in the recipient area (usually the frontal hairline or close to it), although these scars are much smaller and harder to see.

Scars from a FUE hair transplant

So what is possible?

Actually, FUE scars are much easier to cover with scalp micropigmentation than strip scars. They are less obvious in the first place and naturally blend better with the surrounding skin. For this reason, SMP procedures of this nature are usually very successful.

If SMP is used in this way and you still have a fair amount of real hair, you might not need to shave your hair to get a good result. Many people use SMP as an undercoat, covering up their FUE scars and letting their real hair grow through. Whether or not this is possible is dependent on your circumstances.

Remember that scar tissue of any kind is less predictable than undamaged skin. Most clients need 2-3 sessions of SMP, however some may need more if the pigmentation fades heavily. Hope for the best and plan for the worst, and you will get there sooner rather than later. Keep your expectations realistic.

Want to see some results?

Of course you do, that’s why you’re here! As mentioned previously, examples of FUE scar camouflage are few and far between but I’ve done my best to pull together some resources, as follows:

FUE scars camouflaged by Vinci
These photos show a set of FUE scars camouflaged by Vinci Hair Clinic
FUE scars close-up
This zoomed-in photo shows FUE scars well camouflaged with SMP. These dots were recently applied and still have some fading to do

Should you use SMP to hide your FUE scars?

At Vinci Hair Clinic we offer a world class scalp micropigmentation service in all our clinics. To properly assess your circumstances we would ideally need to see you in person, however in most cases SMP can be used to conceal scars from FUE surgery to great effect.