Scalp Pigmentation Aftercare

Taking care of your scalp, and the pigmentation itself, after the procedure is essential in order to maintain a healthy, natural look for your hairline. As long as you carry out the required aftercare, there is really no reason why your scalp pigmentation shouldn’t continue to look fantastic for many years to come.

Your practitioner should have a copy of the aftercare guidelines to give you, and this is something you should ask about at your initial consultation – it is so important, and it is something we take very seriously at Vinci Hair Clinic, to provide you with the information, and to discuss it with you to ensure you understand before leaving the clinic.

Scalp Pigmentation Aftercare


It’s not just aftercare, either – by carrying out some pre-treatment actions before you even get started, you can prepare your scalp and your body for what is to come. The first thing to do is to shave your head completely one or two weeks before your first session. This will show you exactly where the problem areas lie, and will also get you into the practice of shaving your scalp. If you have any scars or marks that you didn’t know about you will now be able to see them and your practitioner will be able to address them accordingly.

You should also moisturise your scalp to prepare the skin for the pigmentation. You need your skin to be in top condition before any procedures are carried out. Dry skin will make it harder for the tattoo to work, so it’s best to try to rid your scalp of it in advance.


As with any tattoo, the skin beneath it and around it will need time to heal. It is best not to touch it if at all possible to give it the time it needs, and to reduce the chances of infection. Don’t wash your scalp for at least three days after your treatment, and if you can avoid sweating, do. This means no gym, no sports, and, if the weather is hot, try to stay indoors in a cool room as much as you can.

When you do wash your scalp, do it with water alone. Once washed, you can add moisturiser. Once a week has gone by, you can use a gentle facewash or cleanser on your scalp.

And for 30 days you shouldn’t use any kind of exfoliating products, and neither should your scalp be exposed to prolonged UV rays.

After 30 days, you can resume your normal lifestyle, and enjoy your new look.

Long Term Aftercare

You want your scalp to look for many years to come, and in order to do that there are some long term aftercare precautions to take – the first is to be careful in the sun. Use sun cream on your scalp to protect the pigmentation, and don’t use sunbeds as they increase the effect of fading of the scalp pigmentation.

You should also now regularly use an exfoliating scrub on your scalp; this removes the dead skin cells and keeps the pigmentation looking almost as good as new. Also, continue to moisturise daily to ensure your scalp looks healthy at all times.