Vinci Hair Clinic Sweden offers consultations and treatments for a wide range of hair-loss concerns. We have over 30 hair-restoration clinics around the globe, and are proud to introduce our Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure to clients in Sweden.

Our Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) Clinic in Sweden is located in the centre of Stockholm. We are highly accessible, with public and private transport services operating in the area. We are also served by a choice of international airports for clients coming to Vinci Stockholm from other regions. As with all of Vinci’s international clinics, we strive to create the most relaxing and professional ambience at our SMP facility in Stockholm. Our clinic is well-equipped and pleasant, meeting strict standards for cleanliness and hygiene. If you would like to discuss your hair-loss worries and learn how Vinci can help, arrange a consultation at our Stockholm SMP clinic by calling: +46 (0) 44 7850371, or completing our online contact form.

Vinci Hair Clinics are international specialists in hair-restoration and have an unequalled reputation for clinical and aesthetic excellence. Our treatments include the popular Scalp MicroPigmentation (Micro Scalp Pigmentation), SMP for scar coverage, long hair SMP and combined SMP with FUE hair transplants. We have developed our procedures to incorporate the latest scientific knowledge on hair-loss with advanced techniques, allowing us to achieve superior results for our clients. For any client with worries about balding, thinning at the hairline, alopecia, scarring or other hair-loss, our Vinci SMP procedure offers a natural looking and long-lasting solution.

SMP At Vinci Hair Clinics

Vinci Hair Clinics Scalp MicroPigmentation has helped thousands of clients to look better and feel more confident about their appearance. This intricate, non-invasive procedure is performed by highly trained MSP technicians who use a custom blend of coloured pigments, applied with different widths of needle, to build up colour and visual texture. The MSP process takes an average of two to three sessions to complete, and is not painful – in fact, most clients describe it as a mild tingling sensation. Another advantage of SMP is the quick recovery period, which will allow you to go about your normal activities soon after treatment. Most importantly, SMP creates outstanding results for our clients. Many of our MSP clients have chosen to share testimonials and photographs of their results,  which you can see in our Client Results section.

Our Clinics in Sweden Include: