The hair transplant that changed Billy Bob Thornton

Hair is a big deal for men. The bond between a man and his hair is a really intimate one that develops throughout life and becomes most obvious when the man is actually starting to lose his hair. This is a moment that many fear, especially if they have a family history of balding.

What about Hollywood stars? How do they cope with the issue of losing hair? Firstly, we shouldn’t assume that if they are celebrities, their self-confidence is unshakeable. Not at all, in fact they are just ordinary men like you and me, and hair loss is a real concern. You will see that most famous men who experience hair loss firstly feature a receding hairline, and then boom, the hair is back on their heads. How does this happen? It’s not magic at all, it’s just one of the wonders of modern cosmetic procedures.

Billy Bob Thornton

If Billy Bob Thornton is one of your favorite movie stars, then you may have noticed he has been losing a lot of hair in recent years. This is a really delicate aspect when it comes to Billy, especially because most of the time his hair looked like a total mess. If you want to find really eloquent pictures of this effect, try to find some from the early 2000s and you will understand what we’re talking about. His hairline was extremely receded and he lost most of the hair in the upper area of his scalp around his crown. There are critics who actually compare his older look with that of a psychopath, but things have changed fortunately for the better.

Billy Bob Thornton is still a top actor and his recent appearance in Fargo showed him with a pretty nice hairline, but if you take a close look at his hair and skin above the forehead, you will see the marks of a hair transplant. Moreover, it’s simply enough to take a look at the recent photos where he sports a hair density that would otherwise be impossible. He’s not wearing a toupee, but he isn’t exactly all-natural either.

Without a doubt Billy Bob Thornton is no stranger to hair transplants. He looks much better right now thanks to his improved hairline and the longer hair he wears now suits him well. However, for those that are not yet convinced of his love for cosmetic enhancement, take a look at his face. You will see that over time his wrinkles magically disappeared. What could be the answer to that? Botox, of course.