Vinci Scalp MicroPigmentation Bristol offers hair restoration consultations for a variety of different types of procedures, including the innovative and instant result producing Micro Scalp Pigmentation (also known as SMP, MSP) and Hair Transplant Scar Coverage treatments. Scalp Pigmentation Bristol

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Vinci hair loss restoration consultations are completely free, and take place in our private location in Bristol. It is close to the city centre and easily accessible for those who reside inside or outside of the Bristol area. All of our consultations are carried out by one of our Vinci hair loss and scalp pigmentation experts. Our clients experience fantastic results and they tell us that even close up in the mirror, they themselves can’t distinguish where their real hairline ends and the pigmentation blending begins. With almost no maintenance required, this is really the easiest and fastest way to restore your hairline. All of our scalp pigmentation procedures are carried out one of our dedicated clinics, which are located in London, Manchester and in Glasgow. We also have clinics worldwide, with the largest collection of specialist SMP technicians that can help you with all your questions. Start today with one of our simple online consultation forms, sending in photos or simply calling us to book your treatment or personal consultations. Scalp MicroPigmentation Bristol

“From my initial consultation to the treatment itself (over three almost painless sessions) I now have what appears to be a full head of hair. My friends initially didn’t notice it but when my best friend said to me: ‘I’ve noticed something different about your hair’, I let them into my little secret, and they couldn’t believe the transformation.” Scalp MicroPigmentation Client Mike, Bristol

What is Scalp Pigmentation?
SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation is a non invasive, non surgical procedure provided by Vinci Hair Clinic. It can help in the treatment of alopecia, baldness and thinning hair. Our well developed and innovative solution can provide a great result for a range of hair related problems. Our international success story is made possible because we consistently deliver natural looking sympathetic results, that compliment and enhance our customer’s appearance. You can be confident that we will deliver the best possible result for you and a transformation that you will be proud of for the rest of your life. > Read More
Repair Hair Transplant Scars with SMP
The SMP treatment can be used to help disguise and improve the appearance of hair transplant scars. This optical hair simulation can darken the scalp in order to give the impression of a darker look closer to the client’s hair colour. This therefore gives the area a thicker and denser appearance. During treatment further improvements will be done in to camouflage completely the hair transplant scar. With this treatment you will be able to cut your hair as short as you want, without having to worry about the scar being as visible. > Read More
Long Hair Scalp Pigmentation
Long hair Scalp Pigmentation is better suited for darker hair colours, and was originally designed for women, though it is being increasingly used for men who have thinning hair but don’t want a full hair transplant. It is important to remember the importance to select the patients carefully with possible future hair loss, hair design and characteristics and where the hair loss actually is when evaluating suitability for treatment. Scalp Pigmentation for longer hair can create a similar effect to Toppik and Nanogen hair fibres. > Read More

We are here to help you restore your hairline, and give you the best result possible. With consultations being held regularly in Bristol, there is no better time to find out about the SMP hair pigmentation treatment.

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