Was Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant a good decision in hindsight?

Wayne Rooney is a top football superstar, among the best in the world and idolised by millions. When you are such a popular public figure, it is understandable why you would want to look your best due to the close scrutiny of every aspect of your life by the world’s media.

This is why Rooney paid special attention to his hair and when baldness became a real issue, he took action. I guess he got fed up with the ‘Shrek’ jokes and wanted to feel good about his appearance. Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant created a media storm, starting with a photo and comment he posted on his Twitter account, quickly followed by further confirmation on Twitter by his wife Coleen Rooney.

Wayne Rooney before and after his hair transplant
Wayne Rooney tweeted – “Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not.”

Following this admission, two things happened:

First, the inevitable scrutiny gathered unprecedented pace. Well-meaning comments on Twitter from Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen and Cristiano Ronaldo ensured that anyone who didn’t already know now did, and every newspaper and gossip magazine wanted the story. Several stories emerged that his hair transplant was a failure, his hair was falling out, his hair was going grey and there was also stark criticism of some of the hairstyles he chose. Most of these stories were entirely unfair, but it would be a fair comment to say he’s had a rough time from fans and the media.

The second thing that happened was that all of a sudden, hair transplants among footballers were no longer a taboo subject. Given the influence that the footballing world has over millions of impressionable fans, this shift in attitude was huge. We believe this played a significant role in changing attitudes towards hair transplant surgery, and would explain in part why so many British clinics are busier than ever before.

Wayne Rooney seems more handsome nowadays than he did in the past, and most of this merit is that of his hair transplants. The first transplant did its job at the time, but something more was needed as Rooney’s hair wasn’t playing ball in the way that was expected. If you are a fan of Rooney, you can surely remember his looks in the past and how his hairline evolved over time. The temple area was pretty much empty when he did the first transplant, only the island at the top of his forehead remaining in place. The transplant filled in all the necessary areas, but it wasn’t enough. After a while, various images of Wayne Rooney appeared and it seems that the baldness moved towards the back of his head. He dealt with that issue, as well, thanks to a second transplant and now he looks much better, boasting a head virtually full of hair.

The thing that we should admire the most when it comes to Wayne Rooney and his hair is that he wasn’t ashamed the tiniest bit of the fact that he was going bald – he didn’t try to cover up his head with caps or wigs. He just went with the available options and he had a hair transplant. He even shared pictures of it on Twitter. This is a great thing to do, especially when you are such a well-known celebrity. There is little you can do to hide the problem and coming out of the closet from the first day is a great approach.