Has Wesley Sneijder had scalp micropigmentation?

We already know that Wesley Sneijder had a hair transplant in December 2013 using experimental ACELL technology, in fact we reported the story on our sister website here. What is not so clear however, is the reason why part of his scalp often appears much darker than other parts.

Here are a couple of photographs that make us think something might be amiss:

There are alternative explanations of course. Following his surgery Wesley’s scalp needed time to heal, and it would have taken some time for the full benefit of his transplant to be seen. In the interim many people use concealers to thicken their hair while this healing and growing process takes place. It’s a possibility of course, but we see a huge number of people who use concealers, so we have a trained eye and know what to look for. Although he may have used a concealer such as DermMatch at some point, we do not believe that’s what is being seen in the above photos.

A much more likely possibility is that Wesley Sneijder had scalp micropigmentation, a cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance of hair density on the scalp. At Vinci Hair Clinic we’ve provided high quality combination services for many years now, and we are recognised as a global leader in hair restoration solutions that utilise both scalp micropigmentation and follicular unit extraction methods.

Wesley Sneijder’s suspected SMP is not the work of Vinci Hair Clinic

Whilst we advocate and recommend combination procedures in many cases, not all SMP is created equal. The replication of the appearance of hair follicles is a highly detailed procedure that requires a substantial level of skill and artistry to perfect. If the photographs above show a scalp micropigmentation treatment (and we strongly suspect that they do), we must also add that the quality of that work is extremely poor.

A quality scalp micropigmentation treatment
This is how scalp micropigmentation should look. Sadly if Wesley Sneijder did have SMP, it appears that his procedure was performed by a poorly skilled technician

When performed by a skilled technician, SMP is virtually undetectable and blends seamlessly with the clients real or transplanted hair. The variance between the treated are and the untreated area, as highlighted above, simply wouldn’t exist.