What’s the deal with Rob Brydon’s hair transplant procedure?

This guy has got to be one of the funniest people in the industry. At age forty-nine he has been able to firmly establish himself as a well-known actor / comedian on different platforms such as film, television and radio. The guy even has a song that hit number one in the UK charts entitled: “(Barry) Islands in the Stream”. Brydon has also shared his comedic talent through writing and stand-up. His natural talent for being hilarious and his disposition make him very likable too.

It is true that Rob is a public figure. His popular appeal makes for an effective entertainer. This does not however give everyone the open license to meddle in his private life. What he does in front of the camera, onstage or through written prose is for public consumption. How he conducts himself in his private life should be for his alone. He does not hold himself out as an entertainer in his private capacity. If he did then he should be compensated for it. Anything to the effect of deriving entertainment from his private affairs should be classified as unjust taking.

Rob Brydon

Which leads us to the discussion on what the deal is with his hair transplant. Brydon is successful and in the entertainment industry. He is pushing fifty and he needs to uphold a certain image of himself for the consuming public. In fact, he is free to undergo a hair transplant procedure based on his prerogative alone. This would lead one to ask why there is much furor over this topic. He is almost fifty years old and men that are aged thirty already start to go bald. What can one expect at his age? It is only right that he did something about his condition. Couple this with the fact that his chosen career is in the field of entertainment where fans expect their entertainers to appear in a certain way. Why are they castigated when they actually do so for both themselves and their fans?

It bears mentioning that Rob Brydon himself actually admitted that he underwent one in a self-deprecating manner. How nice it is to see that he can accept the barbs that he dishes out. This is an excerpt of what he actually said: “For some time now my head has been feeling a lot warmer but I was unable to put my finger on the reason why”. Funny guy. This only adds on to his persona of being a class act.

Rob might have been able to master the delicate intricacies on how to manage a touchy subject. It is quite understandable to keep this topic private though as it is very personal to any man, or woman for that matter. The great thing about it is that by actually admitting it, the media was unable to feed off the mystery behind Brydon’s sudden hair growth. What then could they sensationalize?

It is true that Rob Brydon had a procedure done to his scalp. As to the kind of hair transplant it is one is not too sure. Does it really matter though? What is certain is that he did receive treatment. The public should probably just applaud him because it might help carry out his entertainment duties better. This is both to his benefit his audience as well. That being said, may Rob Brydon continue to provide quality entertainment for all those to enjoy. Congratulations on a hair transplant that was done quite well.