Your scalp micropigmentation shaving routine

Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP, is one of the few permanent solutions to male hair loss on the market. It requires a bit of care following the treatment but the daily maintenance isn’t anymore than real hair would require. This is one of the greatest benefits to SMP when compared with other hair loss treatments.

Wet shaving

Wet shaving with a straight razor was the original method employed to achieve that smooth post-shave feel. Today wet shaving is still popular but the advent of double and multiple blade shaving devices along with protective edges and wires in a multitude of designs have reduced the risk of cuts.

Wet shaving is still possible after SMP treatments. In fact many clients, especially after fading starts to occur years after the procedure, have found that a wet shave is the ideal look to highlight the hairline on an SMP.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Sydney

Electric shaving

Many people prefer electric razors to the wet shave as it takes less time and doesn’t require access to a sink, water and soap. Plus, you have the option to change the hair length desired. There are even electric razors on the market today that are safe to use in the shower so you can now enjoy the benefits of both the soft hair of the wet shave without stepping out of the shower to do it.

SMP Treatment and your daily shaving routine

Every person and therefore each scalp micropigmentation process is unique. Our expert consultants assess the individuals’ hair colour, thickness, density and skin tone to prepare the appropriate application for each customer. Because each treatment and resulting density is different in each case, the maintenance and after care is a bit different from person to person as well. However, on average, our customers maintain their head every other day.

Keeping track of your hair’s growth rate will be an important factor in maintenance. It will be useful to have a pair of clippers with adjustable settings so that you may plan the frequency of use. The best thing to do is a bit of experimenting to see what works best for you.