David Beckham

Did David Beckham have a secret hair transplant?

The whole world knows who David Beckham is. Football hero. Top endorser. Champion. Millionaire. Fashion icon. The man is an absolute winner. The dedication and work he has given to the sport of football has returned to him so many times over. He loved it as a child and it will love him back well into his twilight years. He came from a humble background and transformed himself into a superstar.

Mr. Beckham has recently retired though he is still adding to his legend. He is currently one of the owners of the Miami Major League Soccer Team. He plans to have it up and running by 2017. He is in a prime position to expand football’s interests in North America. It is probably the last remaining continent with the exception of Antarctica, which has not fully-embraced the love of football. David was able to buy into the team ownership at a price of twenty-five million dollars. It is a bargain price compared to the potential revenues a team located in Miami can generate. There are a lot of celebrities and power players in their respective industries that live in this lovely city. Miami is sure to help out Beckham’s team achieve the super-stardom that its owners and residents have likewise achieved.

David Beckham

It is fascinating that David Beckham has achieved all of this at only thirty-nine years of age. That is still quite young. It is as if he has already lived so many different lives. It may seem that it would take more than one life to attain all that he has achieved. There is another more playful reason for this. It is also due to the fact that he has appeared in so many different hairstyles. Being able to keep up with the latest trends as well as be great at his sport could very well be an achievement in itself. Then again, maybe it was because he was one of the first people to wear such hairstyle that made it popular in the first place.

What has also been trending these past years have been these persistent rumours surrounding the authenticity of his hair. There have always been doubts that what is on top of the football king’s crown is not entirely his. Could he have had hair transplant surgery? How has he kept it hidden for so long? These are the constant questions that seem to be thrown about as carelessly as a misplaced penalty kick.

It behooves the person that brings up this topic to explain the truth of their observation. There is none to be found however. Mr. Beckham’s regularity in switching hairstyles alone makes it seem impossible to have the time or the hair strands to accommodate a new transplant. His scalp would not heal in time for the next switch in hairstyle. A year would have to pass before the benefits of a hair transplant would reveal itself. It is also difficult to change the hairstyle after the surgery has been made. The hair is set in place, in other words.

This rumour even if totally dispelled, is sure to surface again. He is after all of age for the onset of alopecia or male pattern baldness. It usually starts at the age of thirty. He is already fast approaching forty. Who knows, maybe he really did have Mrs. Beckham’s hair transplanted onto his scalp? Where this type of gossip comes from however, can sometimes be as amazing as David’s stellar playmaking ability.

One thing is for sure. David Beckham has secured his place in the annals of football history. He may not be considered to be as great as his contemporaries in terms of individual skills. What he has done however is to become one of football’s greatest ambassadors. His courage to always be different by pushing the limits of what he can achieve, whether it be winning championships with a variety of teams, in different countries and of course, doing it all while donning an array of hairstyles is what sets him apart. He is a trailblazer and hopefully the proverbial torch he carries for the sport will continue to blaze brightly whether he is in Miami or his hometown of London.

How to stop your scalp from shining after SMP

How to stop your scalp from shining after SMP

A shiny scalp is a concern for many, for those with scalp micropigmentation as well as bald, untreated men. It is a quirky issue because others actually prefer a shiny scalp. We will discuss how to prevent or reduce the shine of one’s scalp for the purposes of this article. It will be divided into two parts: “regular care and conservation” and “distinct products for anti-shine”.

Regular care of the scalp

A smooth scalp coupled with oil is sure to become shiny. One who has undergone an SMP procedure should shave daily. How often you shave your scalp is directly proportional to how shiny it will be. A wet shave will make it even shinier as the hair is extremely close to the roots and the scalp is fully exposed so light can easily reflect off of it.

Using an electric shaver is recommended. There should be an allowance for slightly lengthier hair to be left behind to absorb some of the light. Remember to keep your scalp tidy to ward off against dirt and excess oil. Avoid any products that are oily. Instead, look for those that produce a matte effect on the scalp.

Shiny Head

Products for anti-shine

For cleansing

Products such as matte cleansers help in reducing a shiny scalp. They are a bit more expensive than the regular cleansers. It may prove to be unnecessary however as one would apply a moisturiser and probably a mattifyer. Why pay more for a matte cleanser when it would be redundant?

If you feel that you must use a matte cleanser, here are some suggestions:

  • Men-U Matt Skin Refresh Gel
  • Loreal MenExpert Pure & Matte

For Moisturising

Moisturising is the segment of your daily routine that makes it logical to invest in a product with a matte effect. There is a wide selection, with some even coming with sunscreen:

  • Clinique For Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer
  • Dermalogica Clear Start Oil Clearing Matte Moisturizer (SPF15)
  • HeadBlade Headlube Matte
  • Recipe For Men Anti-Shine Moisturizer
  • Jack Black All Day Oil Control Lotion

Nivea Aftersun Lotion is an alternative to high-priced moisturisers. It is a sensible choice because this product is a lighter version of the usually oily counterparts. Less oil would mean less shine.

For Mattifying

Excess shine despite using the previously suggested products may require additional help. One should use products specifically designed to address a shiny scalp. Again there are various availabilities with corresponding differences in price and effectiveness:

  • Peter Thomas Roth Mattifying Gel
  • Mary Kay Oil Mattifier
  • Neals Yard Remedies Purifying Palmarosa Mattifier

Baby powder may be an economical substitute. One may also sample Clubman Pinaud. It is a talcum powder with a flesh tone. It may be pricier though the reviews say that it is worth it. Milk of Magnesia can also be quite helpful. It may stray from the conventional approach but there has also been feedback that it works quite well.

In summary

A shiny scalp will generally be the outcome of a freshly shaven head and too much oil. It would not matter if one had an SMP treatment or is simply balding. This combination of a very exposed scalp and excess oil will surely make it shine.

One can reduce this unwanted lustre through the application of products and proper maintenance. The added time and cost to reduce this additional glow may prove to be a little too much. Instead, one might like to ask if it is really something to be anxious about because actually, a shiny scalp really isn't a big deal.

Scalp MicroPigmentation in Manchester

Why a hair tattoo is the way forward

There have been many ways to style hair. The trends that people have allowed to adorn the crown of their heads have been able to dictate specific eras in popular culture. There was the suave pompadour of the 1950s. The Beetles introduced the shag in the decade that followed. Who can forget the afro in mid 60s to the 70s? How about the staying power of the mullet from the mid 70s to 90s? A hairstyle or two would surely come to mind upon the mention of a certain year or decade.

People experiencing hair loss may recall these times with nostalgia. Remembering the freedom to style ones hair according to the current fad may bring a smile to anyone’s face. The latter stages of hair loss in a way reduce this liberty to express oneself through their hairstyle. It does not have to end there, however.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Manchester

Balding men often go through many remedies to address their hair loss. The market is rife with choices that would confuse just about anyone on which to try first. Anti hair loss advertisements feature promises that consumers hope they keep. Eventually, the buyer decides to try a product. It could be a shampoo at first. He could progress to some concealers after awhile. Maybe he can start trying those drugs and supplements over a certain period of time. Without knowing it, the loyal consumer has already spent a fortune in products. His money is gone but the hair loss condition is not.

Thankfully there is a solution to this predicament. Hair loss will affect a majority of men whether they are aware of it or not. What is important is that they are informed of their options on where they may truly receive value for their time and money. Note that this procedure is for those that have lost a majority of their hair follicles due to alopecia.

A hair tattoo, or more accurately named as a scalp micropigmentation procedure, uses fine needles to create an illusion of a shaved head on one’s scalp. It does not try to prevent or reverse the hair loss process. Any remaining hair is completely shaved off so that the pigmentation blends correctly with shaven hair follicles. What remains is a smooth scalp with the appearance of closely shaved hair. It encourages a man to embrace his baldness in a way. The method after all calls that his scalp be as devoid of hair as possible. What remains is the confidence to go about his daily tasks unhindered by anxiety.

SMP is the way forward because it is a one-stop solution to one’s hair loss. It does not require a daily dose of medicine in order to benefit from a promise of hair regrowth or hair loss prevention. It actually confronts the loss by ridding oneself of the anxiety of a bare scalp. A man no longer needs to hide his predicament. He may even get a kick out of it because he is hiding his baldness in plain sight, so to speak.

In addition to the benefits already discussed, SMP is a great technology because the pigments can now be repositioned at the option of the patient. The use of lasers can literally erase the pigments in an unwanted area. It can be repositioned by SMP in another. The freedom to create one’s own look can again be given to a client of an SMP procedure. They no longer have to wonder how it would be like to style their crown again. Maybe they can be the ones to dictate the next hairstyle era, fondly remembered by generations to come.


Scalp MicroPigmentation in Birmingham

What is the Usual Cost of Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

SMP may appear costly at first, but it represents exceptional value for money in the long run. The typical prices you can expect vary from £1500 to £4000, depending on your requirements.

There are some very important factors to consider, all of which may affect the cost of your treatment:

  • Your real follicle density
  • The amount of hair loss you suffer from
  • The size of your head
  • Any scars that might require concealment
  • Your date flexibility
  • Any guarantees and warranties that may cover the treatment

At Vinci Hair Clinic we pride ourselves on offering world class SMP treatments, whilst providing extremely competitive pricing on all our procedures. Unlike some other providers, our treatments are covered by a guarantee for your peace of mind. For a cost estimate, please contact us.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Birmingham

What are the alternatives and how much do they cost?

It is good to have a good idea about the cost of other alternatives, in order to make a valid comparison of how much you are paying. The most common procedure is a hair transplant, with a varying cost of £4000 upwards. Monthly solutions such as wigs, concealers and medicine can cost between £50 and £100 per month, quite commonly used in combination with one another.

Always ask for a guarantee

You need to discuss the cost of each subsequent session properly. This is because of the fact that fading is different in all cases, and many companies may ask you for more money if they deem it necessary. It is good to ask about any special guarantees, which may be provided by your company. There are those, who will offer free subsequent treatments for corrections of fading.

All Vinci Hair Clinic treatments are covered under our guarantee. Please ask your consultant for details.

What is the experience level of your SMP technician?

We have developed an exceptional reputation for providing high quality SMP and hair transplant procedures. This reputation has taken many years to earn, therefore we protect it by employing and training only the very best surgeons and clinicians.


The hair transplant that changed Billy Bob Thornton

The hair transplant that changed Billy Bob Thornton

Hair is a big deal for men. The bond between a man and his hair is a really intimate one that develops throughout life and becomes most obvious when the man is actually starting to lose his hair. This is a moment that many fear, especially if they have a family history of balding.

What about Hollywood stars? How do they cope with the issue of losing hair? Firstly, we shouldn’t assume that if they are celebrities, their self-confidence is unshakeable. Not at all, in fact they are just ordinary men like you and me, and hair loss is a real concern. You will see that most famous men who experience hair loss firstly feature a receding hairline, and then boom, the hair is back on their heads. How does this happen? It’s not magic at all, it’s just one of the wonders of modern cosmetic procedures.

Billy Bob Thornton

If Billy Bob Thornton is one of your favorite movie stars, then you may have noticed he has been losing a lot of hair in recent years. This is a really delicate aspect when it comes to Billy, especially because most of the time his hair looked like a total mess. If you want to find really eloquent pictures of this effect, try to find some from the early 2000s and you will understand what we’re talking about. His hairline was extremely receded and he lost most of the hair in the upper area of his scalp around his crown. There are critics who actually compare his older look with that of a psychopath, but things have changed fortunately for the better.

Billy Bob Thornton is still a top actor and his recent appearance in Fargo showed him with a pretty nice hairline, but if you take a close look at his hair and skin above the forehead, you will see the marks of a hair transplant. Moreover, it’s simply enough to take a look at the recent photos where he sports a hair density that would otherwise be impossible. He’s not wearing a toupee, but he isn’t exactly all-natural either.

Without a doubt Billy Bob Thornton is no stranger to hair transplants. He looks much better right now thanks to his improved hairline and the longer hair he wears now suits him well. However, for those that are not yet convinced of his love for cosmetic enhancement, take a look at his face. You will see that over time his wrinkles magically disappeared. What could be the answer to that? Botox, of course.

VBeam lasers and the concealment of hair transplant scars

VBeam lasers and the concealment of hair transplant scars

Scars are acquired by various means, from surgical procedures and scalp conditions to accidents involving head trauma. Whatever the cause, many recipients seek to find ways of concealing these scars, and there are many methods available to do just that.

For patients wishing to cover scars from a hair transplant, two of the most popular options right now are Fraxel laser and VBeam laser. These technologies were not originally created for this purpose, but have over time adapted and become extremely useful treatments for people with scarring and other scalp issues.

Vbeam laser facility

Why a laser?

For starters, a laser is not mandatory in all cases. Each client has a consultation to understand the scalp treatments and to learn about the various effective methods involved in the scar hiding process. A customer is given an estimation of the percentage rate that the scar that will be coverable (this number usually lands somewhere between 70% and 90%). The number itself is deduced by a calculation combining many factors from the texture and color of the scar to the depth of protrusions.

VBeam and Fraxel lasers will effectively camouflage the scar to the natural scalp surrounding it, preparing it for the micropigmentation treatment to follow. In the end, a seamless, blended, authentic look can be achieved, and a 90% concealment rate isn’t something out of the ordinary.

Do you need a laser session?

Whether you need a laser session preliminarily or can just skip right to the SMP treatment depends on the scar. If your scar has a differing color to the surrounding skin, a laser treatment will enhance the concealment. If your scar has a different texture than the surrounding skin, or is raised or indented, you may also benefit from the laser session. During consultation, an expert will be able to explain your options thoroughly and give advice as to what is needed.

VBeam vs Fraxel

Technical differences in the two lasers are many, and beyond the scope of this article to discuss. Both lasers target the skin’s dermal layer and enhance collagen amounts in an effort to heal and return the skin to its natural look and feel. If your main issue is color variation, then VBeam is more appropriate. However, if you are aiming to improve the texture of the skin or flatten or smooth it out, then Fraxel will be the better option. Again, all things can be discussed with your scalp care professional to create the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

Kyran Bracken's hair transplant result is questionable at best

Kyran Bracken's hair transplant result is questionable at best

Hair loss is an extremely difficult subject to tackle, and hard to understand if you don’t experience it yourself. Imagine being in the public gaze for most of your adult life, with every change in your appearance reported on the covers of celebrity gossip magazines. It can be tough for sure.

For some, the realisation that they're losing their hair can be a huge blow, and it can even lead to depression, while others are able to easily cope with this issue and even get past it one way or another. There are people who prefer tablets and pills as solutions, while others go at a surgeon to benefit from a hair transplant or other procedure like scalp micropigmentation.

Kyran Bracken

Kyran Bracken is one of those men who decided to check out his odds with a surgeon, and went further to undergo a hair transplant. Sources say that the procedure cost him somewhere around £4,000 and he had about three thousand hair strands transplanted to the top of his head. However, even if he spent that much money, the results aren’t that impressive to be fair. Even if the island has been covered up from the sides, the hairline is much more receded than it could have been. This is why Kyran should not be that pleased with the result, because there is still much room for improvement.

Kyran Bracken publicly admitted that he has issues with hair loss and he was almost sure that it was going to happen to him. From his own statements, he remembers that when he was around five, his father started to experience baldness and had a few especially bald patches on his head. Within a few years, the man ended up with no hair in the upper area of his head and Kyran could see the writing on his own wall even then.

Kyran himself started balding when he was in his 20s and from the very beginning, he knew that his fate would be the same as that of his father, something quite difficult to cope with. It is unclear if he also used other treatments, in order to slow down hair loss, but the transplant is a sure thing. With the aid of medication you can’t cover up the big island that he man was already displaying on his forehead. However, his hairline remained way too high and we hope that in the future, Bracken will consider another surgical intervention to add more hair in that area.

SMP looks great on dark skin

Black men and scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a leading hair loss solution offered by Vinci Hair Clinic and has gained significant popularity in the last few years. It is wise to research which hair loss treatments are the best for you as all cases are different, but SMP remains a successful solution with authentic results for people of all racial backgrounds and skin tones.

SMP looks great on dark skin

See the results for yourself in our Gallery. SMP works for people all sorts of different skin tones, hair colours and densities (from thinning to completely balding), and to cover scars and other irregularities.

Example of SMP on black skin

One of the main considerations our experts take into account when they plan an SMP treatment for a specific client is the skin pigmentation, along with other factors such as hair colour, scalp texture, follicle size and density etc. In this way, the added micropigmentation will match natural follicle size and skin pigmentation to create an authentic, uniform look.

Whether you are of African descent, Native American, East Indian, or any other regional /racial heritage, scalp micropigmentation can work for you.

What about effectiveness?

SMP has almost no risks, especially when you work with a skilled Vinci professional. The authenticity and effectiveness of the outcome can vary however, depending on the expertise of the technician. This is more of a concern for those with darker skin tones, and we will explain why.

For those with darker skin tones (and usually also darker hair colours) larger dots will be used in the pigmentation process, and generally speaking, a greater density is needed to match the existing hair. Also, the difference between skin and hair colour is more subtle. All these factors mean a higher margin for error.

Furthermore, this quality issue isn’t usually noticeable until a number of weeks following treatment when the results start showing themselves. Dots can have a noticeable difference to pre-existing hair, can merge or smudge, or in the worst cases turn to a shade of blue.

So it is always wise to select a clinic with professional technicians, documented experience, and proper ink and tools. There is no reason why skin colour should stop you from getting the results you are aiming for, however due diligence is of vital importance to ensure you achieve the outcome you were hoping for.

Speak to a member of the Vinci Hair Clinic team today to see how we can help you achieve the more youthful look you always wanted.

Scalp MicroPigmentation Riyadh

Using scalp micropigmentation to cover hair transplant scars

Scalp micropigmentation can be used as a general treatment for baldness, as well as for taking care of specific skin conditions, but quite commonly it is used to cover the effects of hair transplant procedures as well.

Even though surgery has advanced a lot in the past few years, there is still scarring associated with every hair transplant operation. There are ways to reduce this scarring effect, but anyone who tells you that there is absolutely no scarring is lying to you.

Which are the most common patterns of scarring?

Naturally the type and severity of scars will vary between competency and types of surgery. The most common surgeries are FUT and FUE.

When FUT is involved, it is quite commonly called the strip method, as it will cause a prolonged scar in the donor area, usually the back of the head. On the other hand, FUE scars will rarely have any impact on the treatment area, but will result in large round scars at the back of the head once again, i.e the donor area.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Riyadh

There are also plug and pitted scars to consider, even though most techniques which caused them were stopped from use in the late 1990’s. Even though these techniques are no longer used, there are a lot of sufferers who still bear such scars to this day.

What are genuine alternatives for hiding scars?

There are some common treatments, which will involve changing the scar itself via surgery, or transplanting hair into the scar. If the incision is indented, some dermal fillers may be used, whereas corticosteroids could be used for flattening the tissue. There are also positive effects reported from the use of dermabrasion and fraxel laser repair techniques.

One thing that may be better than most techniques for camouflaging scars is SMP, which has been growing in popularity in the past few years. If you are okay with micropigmentation of your whole scalp, this may be the best option out there. You can use some of the aforementioned techniques prior to SMP treatments, as they will smoothen the canvas on which the professionals will work.

Can SMP truly be considered a realistic alternative?

There are a couple of ways in which SMP can prove to be helpful.

If you wish to cover your whole scalp and therefore hide the scars as part of that treatment, there are many factors to take into consideration including the capabilities of the technician, the size, shape and indent of the scars on your head. If the scar tissue is flat, you could forgo some of the other methods for pre-treatment.

You should take note that pigmentation of the scar tissue is harder to predict because the tissue itself is different and more irregular compared to normal skin. You will usually need to undergo several sessions, because the fading of pigmentation will vary from person to person, and quite commonly from scar to scar.

Above all, you need to have realistic expectations before you embark on the journey to full SMP camouflage. Each scar is completely unique, as each person is different from the other, and this is why it is essential to rely on a good Vinci technician to give you proper advice based on your own specific case.

Scalp Pigmentation and Hair Transplant

How to get the best scalp micropigmentation outcome

Patients want to know how to get the optimum outcome from their SMP procedure. The member of the Vinci team handling your case will tell you all you need to know about this. You should still research on your own to know what to ask before undergoing the treatment. The top of your list should be determining the style you want to achieve.

Selecting the right person for the job

Experience is important but it is not everything. There are also those who have not been practicing for a significant amount of time but have already achieved good results. A combination of consistency and reliability seem to be the right qualifications when choosing the technician to do the job.

You may also want to consider the clinic where the technician practices. It should be excellent in terms of service and aftercare. They should give good advice and put your well-being ahead of their own business. This applies all throughout the duration of your procedure. As the leading scalp micropigmentation clinic in the world, you're in safe hands with Vinci.

Scalp Pigmentation and Hair Transplant


Be clear on what you want and make sure that our technician is fully aware. Provide all the necessary information to achieve the look you desire. You can bring pictures of others or maybe even some of yourself with the look you want. Use other forms of communication if you have to such as drawings, email or the telephone. The goal should be that you understand each other entirely, so our technician knows exactly what they are expected to deliver.

It is likely that you will be interacting with the same person from the beginning to the end of your treatment. If another of our technicians is also involved in your process, rest assured they will be fully briefed as everything must be clear to all parties for the duration of the treatment.

Know the steps

A normal hair tattoo pales in comparison to the technique developed in-house by Vinci Hair Clinic. A considerable amount of dedication and practice is required to be able to perform an almost flawless operation. In spite of this, always keep in mind the goal you want to reach. Here is a list of probable outcomes:

  • Fading is normal between treatments. Speak with your technician if you have any concerns, but remember that fading is an expected part of the process.
  • Let your technician know what length you aim to keep your hair after your SMP treatment.
  • It usually takes more than one treatment to reach your goal, as fading is sure to occur. Be patient and expect at least a couple or more procedures before it is completed.

Confidence is key!

Carry your new look with pride. The purpose of SMP is to enable you to leave hair loss behind, so once your treatment is complete, do exactly that and don't obsess over your new look. Just admire it, smile and move on.