Daniel was always confident about his looks, his physique and his appearance. However he was always conscious about his receding hairline. After searching the internet for ways to cure his balding he came across the SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment. After a consultation at our Manchester clinic, he decided to have his treatment with Vinci Hair Clinic. His Results as you can see are fantastic.

“The reason I was looking for this treatment, I felt that having a sharper, more defined hair line would suit me. And having been on the internet, I noticed there were clinic in the USA that did this treatment. Where they shaded the head to give the appearance of a shaved head, but a full head of hair shaved head. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that this treatment was available in the UK, called Scalp Micro Pigmentation.”

Then Daniel discovered our Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment, where individual pigments are placed into the epidermis level of the skin. “I started looking at case studies, films on Youtube and I straight away started looking for clinics here. I came across Vinci Hair Clinic, they provided me with just the right amount of information. What I liked about Vinci, is I was a bit more careful and concerned about the hairline, which gave me enough time to see if i wanted to change the hairline and make it lower, which I did.”


By redesigning his hairline, Daniel has achieved a fantastic result. Over 4 sessions, his hairline as you can see is totally redesigned and shapes his face better.

“Having seen some other clinics results, the last thing I wanted was a helmet looking result. After visiting the Vinci Hair Clinic I felt 100% confident in the clinic, its facilities and the qualities the staff possessed to carry out this highly artistic treatment. Vinci’s medical style environment gave me the confidence to have the treatment done.”

Original Image Before SMP
Modified Image After SMP
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Client Testimonial – Daniel