Scalp Micro Pigmentation Testimonial - Lee

Lee started to lose his hair in his thirties, and wasn’t really happy seeing what he saw in reflections which knocked his confidence. He takes pride in his appearance, and losing his hair was difficult for him.

Lee looked online, found Vinci Hair Clinic. “When I think back to my first treatment, I remember coming in feeling quite excited, nervous and a bit apprehensive. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.”

Lee had three treatments, which has given him a fantastic result, rebuilt his hair like. “I went from have no hair to hair in these areas, straight away felt a boost in my confidence. It looks great.”

Age is not a hinderance to having the Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment. Lee wasn’t satisfied with his receding hairline, which was noticeable even when he was shaving his hair short. After having a consult with Vinci, path to a new hairline was an easy process. The Vinci SMP technicians have treated over 10,000 clients using the SMP treatment.

“The staff delivered exactly what I expected, a fantastic Pigmentation result. Seeing my new hairline in the mirror makes me feel great.”

Lee only has to shave his head every couple of days, to maintain this look, which blends his existing hair with the pigmentation that he had done at our clinic in London.