Scalp Micro Pigmentation Testimonial - Mark

Mark started to lose his hair in his late teens, and being that young, it really affected him. His confidence took a hit, and it really affected his confidence as a person and he desired a younger look. “I was quite young, I cut it short, wore hats and was quite insecure about my hairline. A friend recommended the clinic.”

Mark discovered Vinci Hair Clinic and specifically the SMP procedure, where individual pigments are placed into the epidermis level of the skin to create a redefined hairline and to also cover his baldness. “So I told some of my friends that I was going to get the MSP done, I uploaded a picture of the before, and after and the reaction was amazing.”

“The environment is very positive and chilled. Its a great place to get your MSP done.”

The result Mark achieved has redefined how he looks, with a sympathetic hairline has really improved how his face is framed, and the reaction he got from friends really surprised him, he now has the confidence to go out without a hat on, and not trying to hide his baldness.

“The procedure has done me the world of good. I’ve just had my third session and the result is amazing.”

The treatment added density, and the only maintenance Mark has to do is shave his head ever 2-3 days. “It works really good. I keeps the contrast from the pigment to my hair very precise so nobody can notice the difference between my hair and the pigmentation.

“I would recommend anyone to come to Vinci Hair Clinic. The staff are so professional, they listen and understand what you want and delivered me a fantastic MSP result.”