Mohammed Before
Mohammed After

Mohammed started to suffer from a receding hairline from quite a young age, in his mid twenties. It really affected his confidence as a person and he desired a younger look. “It was a big issue for me. I was feel less confident, and I hated going out and socialising. Wearing a hat ended up being the only way I would go out, it was a difficult time for me.”

He discovered Vinci Hair Clinic and specifically the SMP procedure, where individual pigments are placed into the epidermis level of the skin to create a redefined hairline and to also cover his baldness. “I found Vinci Hair Clinic online, they gave me a very good option, which was the SMP. As you can from the result here, the full head is covered. I had three different sessions and a further touch up session to really give me the desired result. ”

“The staff were really helpful, always very nice to me and answered any questions I had so yes, I am really happy.”

The result Mohammed achieved has really helped him to redefine how he looks, with a sympathetic hairline that is representative of his current age, and with a completely undetectable result, Mohammed has the confidence to socialise and have fun without worrying about his baldness.

Mohammad's Hairline

With a redesigned hairline and a full head of hair look, Mohammed is a very satisfied client. “I’m really happy now I have had the treatment done, I can go out very happily now knowing I look great.”

Original Image Before SMP
Modified Image After SMP
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Client Testimonial – Mohammed