Distinguishing a quality SMP treatment from a hair tattoo

A scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment can be regarded as one of the most versatile remedies available to address hair loss. It can be used for almost any hair loss condition that a person is going through and does not distinguish between a male or female patient. SMP could either be a straight shaven look, density enhancement, used to cover an FUT scar or any scarring for that matter. It is an effective anti hair loss treatment that has a quick recovery period with minimal side effects. What is important however is that this is performed by a highly qualified Vinci Hair Clinic technician to guarantee quality results each and every time.

Knowing where to receive an SMP treatment is just as important as selecting who will perform it. The facilities and equipment that are specifically used for SMP can only be found in clinics that truly cater to such a procedure. Adequate research by asking questions and reading up on good feedback can help determine if the clinic can offer a quality SMP treatment. A physical visit is also necessary before undergoing any procedure.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Malaga

It is advisable that male clients attend the clinic with their head fully shaved to provide the SMP specialist a “smooth canvas” to work with. This is not necessary for female treatments (please ask for information). The SMP practitioner will use special equipment using a three-headed needle that is finer than what is used to apply a tattoo. Inks specifically made for SMP pigments will be deposited at a shallow depth upon the scalp following the pre-determined hair pattern. The session will take about two to three hours to complete and the patient will be asked to return after seven days to allow the pigments to settle-in and fade. Upon his return, the specialist will inspect how the pattern developed and will approach the succeeding sessions from there. The entire treatment will take about two to three sessions before it is completed.

Recovery from an SMP treatment will usually take about three days. This would be ample time to allow the redness to subside. Its aftercare would consist of daily washing of the scalp and keeping it moisturised. Prolonged sun exposure should also be avoided.

These are the details that a prospective patient should expect before receiving the actual SMP treatment. Of course the real proof of its quality will be the physical application itself. It should exude an illusion of hair that is not detectible even up close. This is what a quality SMP treatment should be like. Anything else should be considered as a hair tattoo.

The main difference between an SMP treatment and a hair tattoo aside from the technical process is in its purpose. SMP should not be identified to be successful. A hair tattoo on the other hand, is more of a work of art that is to be appreciated for its appearance and style. Perhaps another good indicator would be its price. SMP treatments are charged at clinician rates, not tattoo studio rates. It is strongly advised to stay away from any company that claims to offer SMP but charges significantly less than everyone else. The cost for removal, re-application and even the hair tattoo itself will be more than getting a quality SMP treatment in the long run.