What To Expect From Your Aftercare Package With Vinci Hair Clinic

The end of your care and treatment shouldn’t end when the last drop of ink has been added to your scalp. In order to have a natural, attractive looking hairline, and in order to have the most painless and fastest healing time possible, you need an excellent aftercare package too.

Which is where Vinci Hair Clinic stands apart from the rest. We won’t complete the final procedure and send you on your way without any help or advice. We won’t even send you away without any products. We’ll give you everything you need to ensure that your scalp heals exactly as it should.

The Vinci Hair Clinic gives every one of our patients a special post-op care package that includes everything you need for the quickest and easiest healing process. The package includes our brilliant post-op shampoo that should be used when you go home from your SMP procedure. This won’t cause any irritation, which is exactly what is needed for perfect healing. It is gentle enough to be safe, but strong enough to clean as it needs to. You will also receive a great post-op cleansing spray which is ideal for use on the donor area itself and any scabs you may have. Due to the nature of the procedure, these areas will be sore so any pressure can irritate them. A spray will stop that from happening.

As well as these cleansing products, you will also receive a special vitamin enriched oil. This will help to revitalise the recipient area, meaning that it can heal more quickly. This is just one of the ways in which Vinci Hair Clinic’s clients are able to get to back their normal lives and routines faster – recovery time is much shorter with our handy post-op package. Some clinics let their patients go without any products or advice about how to care for their new scalp pigmentation. This means that mistakes can be made if the wrong product is chosen, even after research.