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About Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Featured here are some frequently asked questions about Scalp Micro Pigmentation. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Getting professional advice is the first step to recovering your hair. Did you know that the number one regret of our patients is that they didn’t come and see us sooner? Getting hair loss help is easy with us.

Most treatments are suitable for both men and women. Arrange a consultation at one of our clinics today and gain a personalized solution to your hair loss problems. Vinci are here to help you with your hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, all our consultations are completely free of charge and without obligation.

For male pattern baldness, the biggest reason for hair loss is a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which damages the hair follicles on the top of the head, but doesn’t affect the hairs on the back of the head and sides. For women, there can be a number of other causes that your Vinci consultant can discuss with you

The consultant will evaluate your stage of hair loss, analyse your donor hair density, and assess if and how we can meet your expectations.

SMP can create the look of micro hairs or short and shaved hairs in the frontal line. You have to respect the limitations that lowering the hairline brings though, if you work in front of the receding line you will not be able to grow your hair long.

You will have to commit to shaving your hair every 2-3 days on average to maintain the contrast looking natural between the MSP created hair and your existing hair.

Contact the Vinci Hair Clinic closest to you and get a personal consultation how our Micro Scalp Pigmentation will work for you.

It sounds like you had your first session a week ago and its normal for the color to go down, you will need 2-3 sessions to achieve the final result and in some cases even more. This is due to the scalp being a living material; some scalps will absorb a considerable amount of pigment while others will take it almost fully in the first session.

The truth is that its easy to darken and add to a light color that fades but much harder to remove something that is to dark or strong so being careful is not only recommended but a rule for all our MSP technicians.

After the second session you should see the final result or close to it at least, as I said some people will need more sessions then others.

No. All equipment is sterilized accordinag to the highest medical standards; you will also be given a antibiotic so there is no chance of a infection. At Vinci hair clinic, we have made hair transplants into such a science that you can rest assured that there is no risk for side effects.

Yes, you can and it wont affect the hair growth in any way. Many people that are completely bald and have an SMP treatment like to have a few hundred hairs implanted with our FUE technique, distributing it all over the scalp to get the feeling of hair stubs when someone touches the hairs.

This looks absolutely natural and the hair grows just as well as in an area that hasn’t been treated with Scalp Pigmentation.

Yes, in many cases SMP can help women to dissimulate the thinning areas by working on them with the technique.

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Is Scalp Micro Pigmentation Right For Me?

Over the years we have helped over 10,000 clients regain their self esteem using this technique, and often they have talked about the treatment giving them back their life.

Our clients are of all ages ranging from students to international celebrities, SMP is a truly cost effective and permanent solution to balding and thinning as it doesn’t require any medication or significant maintenance.

We have clinics worldwide with specialist SMP technicians that can help you with all your questions, start with an online consultation, sending in photos or simply calling us to book your treatment or personal consultations.

This treatment for hair loss is delivered over 2 – 3 sessions where the technician carefully places pigments into the scalp creating the look of a hair follicle that is breaking through the scalp.

For those who don’t have any hair in the area this allows them to get the look of a shaved hairstyle while those who have thin hair gain the advantage of removing the contrast   between hair and scalp making the hair look thicker and denser.

Get a realistic simulation of scalp pigmentation, and see it could look for you.

* Please note that simulations are created only as a guide, we strongly recommend a face-to-face consultation at one of our worldwide clinics.

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