Why a hair tattoo is the way forward

There have been many ways to style hair. The trends that people have allowed to adorn the crown of their heads have been able to dictate specific eras in popular culture. There was the suave pompadour of the 1950s. The Beetles introduced the shag in the decade that followed. Who can forget the afro in mid 60s to the 70s? How about the staying power of the mullet from the mid 70s to 90s? A hairstyle or two would surely come to mind upon the mention of a certain year or decade.

People experiencing hair loss may recall these times with nostalgia. Remembering the freedom to style ones hair according to the current fad may bring a smile to anyone’s face. The latter stages of hair loss in a way reduce this liberty to express oneself through their hairstyle. It does not have to end there, however.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Manchester

Balding men often go through many remedies to address their hair loss. The market is rife with choices that would confuse just about anyone on which to try first. Anti hair loss advertisements feature promises that consumers hope they keep. Eventually, the buyer decides to try a product. It could be a shampoo at first. He could progress to some concealers after awhile. Maybe he can start trying those drugs and supplements over a certain period of time. Without knowing it, the loyal consumer has already spent a fortune in products. His money is gone but the hair loss condition is not.

Thankfully there is a solution to this predicament. Hair loss will affect a majority of men whether they are aware of it or not. What is important is that they are informed of their options on where they may truly receive value for their time and money. Note that this procedure is for those that have lost a majority of their hair follicles due to alopecia.

A hair tattoo, or more accurately named as a scalp micropigmentation procedure, uses fine needles to create an illusion of a shaved head on one’s scalp. It does not try to prevent or reverse the hair loss process. Any remaining hair is completely shaved off so that the pigmentation blends correctly with shaven hair follicles. What remains is a smooth scalp with the appearance of closely shaved hair. It encourages a man to embrace his baldness in a way. The method after all calls that his scalp be as devoid of hair as possible. What remains is the confidence to go about his daily tasks unhindered by anxiety.

SMP is the way forward because it is a one-stop solution to one’s hair loss. It does not require a daily dose of medicine in order to benefit from a promise of hair regrowth or hair loss prevention. It actually confronts the loss by ridding oneself of the anxiety of a bare scalp. A man no longer needs to hide his predicament. He may even get a kick out of it because he is hiding his baldness in plain sight, so to speak.

In addition to the benefits already discussed, SMP is a great technology because the pigments can now be repositioned at the option of the patient. The use of lasers can literally erase the pigments in an unwanted area. It can be repositioned by SMP in another. The freedom to create one’s own look can again be given to a client of an SMP procedure. They no longer have to wonder how it would be like to style their crown again. Maybe they can be the ones to dictate the next hairstyle era, fondly remembered by generations to come.