How Important Is It To Have a Realistic Looking Hairline?

No one would choose to have scalp micropigmentation if they knew that the end result would be one that looked completely unrealistic. Would they? Probably not, although having the choice is essential. This is why you must always have a long consultation with your expert practitioner before deciding to go ahead with the treatment. If the end result is not going to look as you want it to, you should consider whether a different treatment might be more worthwhile.

Your practitioner will look at your hairline, your hair colouring, your skin tone, and the shape of your skull to determine how realistic your SMP would be if you were to have it done. This is where you can make an informed choice as to what you really want to do. You should never feel pressured into going ahead with a procedure that won’t give you the look you are hoping for.

One thing to be wary of is that SMP takes a number of sessions to complete. After the first session you may worry that the process isn’t going as it should be – the pigment will look very light, for example, and it may not match your existing hairline or hair colour. This is all part of the process, and over the next few sessions these pigments will be filled in with darker ink to make the tone look more natural. This is why SMP takes more than one appointment to complete.

As well as needing more than one procedure, some SMP patients will also require ‘touch up’ work as time goes on. The pigment can fade, and this extra ink will make it look more natural again. Don’t be afraid to ask about these procedures during your initial concentration – your practitioner will be happy to help you look as natural as possible. After all, it is the entire point of having scalp micropigmentation in the first place.