Is Salman Khan still losing his hair?

Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition that will affect up to two thirds of men during their lifetime. This begins at around the age of thirty, although it can start much earlier, with initial symptoms manifesting itself through a receding hairline at the frontal central as well as the vertex regions of the scalp. It can also be exhibited by recession in the temporal areas going backward creating an M-shaped pattern. These symptoms will continue until hair loss will result in baldness of the entire top of the scalp. A horseshoe hair pattern will leave hair on the lower back and sides of the head.

Almost every man that will experience this type of hair loss will shed hair in a similar fashion. Androgenic alopecia does not differentiate among those it affects. It will continue with its gradual and deliberate path until it has run its course. This is a certainty for any man, even if it is someone that is widely known as Salman Khan.

Among the biggest leading actors in Bollywood and perhaps one of the most famous Indian celebrities is Salman Khan. He has the distinction of appearing in many top-earning films in his movie industry. Ever the favourite star, he is often nominated for an award and has even won a couple throughout his illustrious career. He has even ventured into producing his own films, helping his co-actors achieve success in the process. Khan is a very public figure that keeps the rumour mill going with his activities and antics. Among the topics that are always talked about is the subject of his hair.


Salman was observed to have a receding hairline back in 2002. This was characterised by an obvious balding in the temporal area coupled with a thinning frontal central region. The top of his scalp still exhibited significant thickness before he received treatment. It was regarded to be successful though he continued to bask in endless controversy regarding the authenticity of his hair.

This new discussion that has been circulating about his continued hair loss is nothing out of the ordinary. It seems that being under the scrutiny of the media will continually make him the marked man of such talk. He is one of the central figures of his local film industry that values a person’s image above all else. The vitality of his hair would certainly be an integral part of his entire public persona. To call Salman popular would be a bit of an understatement. This is why this seemingly trivial trait for must people would produce such huge repercussions when asking about a person such as Khan.

His recent photos might be able to shed light into this brewing controversy. He was previously seen with long, slicked-back hair before this was changed into a spiked look but still exhibiting a considerable amount of length. There were no telltale symptoms of recession other than already existing areas of the temporal regions. His hairline has remained the same, only his hairstyle was different. Any doubt regarding his continued hair loss would have to be set aside.

Being an actor and a big celebrity at that, Salman can take advantage of the expertise of hair and make-up specialists that are a constant necessity of his profession. He can easily mask any clues that his hair loss has advanced into the later stages of alopecia. Try as they can, the media would find it very difficult to find evidence of his balding unless Salman himself admits to it.

Male pattern baldness is a progressive condition. There has yet to be a cure that could be found to totally eradicate its symptoms and restore a full head of hair. Though it is certain that Khan will eventually be exposed, the odds of this happening in the near future is slim to none. For now, his fans and critics should simply just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.