Kyran Bracken’s hair transplant result is questionable at best

Hair loss is an extremely difficult subject to tackle, and hard to understand if you don’t experience it yourself. Imagine being in the public gaze for most of your adult life, with every change in your appearance reported on the covers of celebrity gossip magazines. It can be tough for sure.

For some, the realisation that they’re losing their hair can be a huge blow, and it can even lead to depression, while others are able to easily cope with this issue and even get past it one way or another. There are people who prefer tablets and pills as solutions, while others go at a surgeon to benefit from a hair transplant or other procedure like scalp micropigmentation.

Kyran Bracken

Kyran Bracken is one of those men who decided to check out his odds with a surgeon, and went further to undergo a hair transplant. Sources say that the procedure cost him somewhere around £4,000 and he had about three thousand hair strands transplanted to the top of his head. However, even if he spent that much money, the results aren’t that impressive to be fair. Even if the island has been covered up from the sides, the hairline is much more receded than it could have been. This is why Kyran should not be that pleased with the result, because there is still much room for improvement.

Kyran Bracken publicly admitted that he has issues with hair loss and he was almost sure that it was going to happen to him. From his own statements, he remembers that when he was around five, his father started to experience baldness and had a few especially bald patches on his head. Within a few years, the man ended up with no hair in the upper area of his head and Kyran could see the writing on his own wall even then.

Kyran himself started balding when he was in his 20s and from the very beginning, he knew that his fate would be the same as that of his father, something quite difficult to cope with. It is unclear if he also used other treatments, in order to slow down hair loss, but the transplant is a sure thing. With the aid of medication you can’t cover up the big island that he man was already displaying on his forehead. However, his hairline remained way too high and we hope that in the future, Bracken will consider another surgical intervention to add more hair in that area.