How much would a quality scalp micropigmentation treatment cost?

Scalp micropigmentation is definitely one of the most effective treatments available for hair loss. It has a quick recovery period and the results are just as fast. All the patient needs to do is to wait for the redness to subside after its application.

A prospective patient should be aware of what to expect from a quality SMP treatment. Though the procedure does not strictly follow a particular pattern, there are some parts that must necessarily take place in order for it to be regarded as a true SMP treatment.


The process begins with a client visiting the SMP clinic. Treatment will not happen on the first day because the prospective patient will have to be briefed by the SMP specialist on what to expect during the procedure, select the hair pattern, discuss its recovery period and be informed of its aftercare routine. Your Vinci technician will only use inks that are specifically used for SMP application, unlike many of our competitors.

A typical recovery period for an SMP procedure is about three days. The patient will be reminded to keep his scalp clean and moisturised daily. Shaving the scalp every couple of days and keeping out of direct sun exposure will maximise its effects.

Research on the clinic should be done before proceeding further. How much experience do they have? Is there a good selection of before and after photos showing their work? There is also the question of how much should a prospective patient pay for a quality SMP treatment. In general, the costs vary from £1000-3000 and is entirely dependent on the needs of the client.

A prospective patient however should be cautious not to fall for bargain SMP services. These are most often than not, nothing more than a primative a hair tattoo. There is a big difference in these two treatments because an SMP treatment is a highly technical process that produces an effective illusion of real hair as result. A hair tattoo on the other hand is exactly that, a tattoo.