Questions to Ask Before Your Scalp Micro Pigmentation Procedure


When making the important decision to go ahead with scalp micro pigmentation – or not – it is essential that you carry out plenty of research, gathering together a number of useful questions to ask when you have your initial discussions with your practitioner. Because you will have those initial discussions if the clinic you are hoping to use is one that can be trusted to get it right. If you are not given the opportunity to talk through your potential procedure, the options available to you, and the aftercare needed then our advice is to seek out a new clinic, and a new practitioner. Although not major surgery, scalp micro pigmentation is not something that should be taken lightly.



It’s not just about the procedure. It’s about you being comfortable with where it will be carried out, who will be working for you, and the information you have been given. The following questions are a great way to get started – but you are sure to think of more of your own, depending on your own personal circumstances.

  1. Is the practitioner experienced, and if so how many procedures have the carried out?
  1. What qualifications does the practitioner have; where did he or she get them from?
  1. What is involved in the procedure – what should you do beforehand to get ready, how long will the SMP take to complete, how many additional appointments will you need, and what kind of aftercare will you be required to attend to?
  1. If the SMP is being carried out in order to cover up scars from a hair transplant procedure, have you discussed exactly what kind of results you should be able to expect?
  1. Has your practitioner got any photographs of his or her previous SMP patients – before, during, and after – to show the kind of work he or she does? And is it possible to speak to previous patients, or read some references?
  1. Aftercare is essential – do you feel happy with the information you have been given? Do you feel able to carry out the instructions? If not, make sure you are completely sure before you begin.
  1. How many follow up appointments will you need?
  1. What is the total cost going to be? Does it include any further procedures that may be needed?