Removing scalp micropigmentation treatments

A scalp micropigmentation (SMP) procedure has about the same degree of permanence as a regular tattoo. While its specialised inks fade slightly over a certain period of time, these pigments still remain effective as a hair loss cover-up and are unlikely to degrade beyond that. Being a permanent procedure, the patient is not as free to change it as quickly as getting a haircut. Fortunately, there is a technique available to address this need.

Laser removal clinics are now available for SMP patients. The use of this equipment can literally erase pigments that have been placed in the scalp. It usually takes just one session to complete the procedure though it may take two trips for a complete removal. Though rare, a total removal option is a good thing for patients to have. It allows the SMP treatment to be more flexible and less feared by those who just want to try it. These clinics also service those cases where the SMP was performed to a low standard. Although Vinci Hair Clinic does not offer a laser service in-house, we are able to recommend suitable facilities if required.


The most common cases for SMP removal however, are for purposes of repositioning the pigments. Young men that receive this treatment for example often go for sharper, more aggressive hairlines. These styles might not be appropriate as the years go by. A laser removal procedure allows patients to create differently shaped hairlines. It erases the pigments that creates the illusion of an aggressive look and refines it to a neutral degree. This can render the SMP to appear more “age appropriate”.

Doing this requires a certain amount of skill. The specialist usually adjusts the patient’s frontal, temporal and side hairlines to achieve a more sophisticated look. The patient however, is also free to recreate an entirely different hairline by undergoing another SMP treatment. This is like a touch-up procedure, which places pigments in certain areas to increase its density and curvature of the style.

Although laser removal is not something that should be considered lightly, it is a safe and effective way to remove scalp micropigmentation pigments in preparation for a revised style. In some cases it is possible to complete the revision with laser alone, however a short SMP session is usually required after laser to complete the look.

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