Scalp Micro Pigmentation for Dark Skin – Will The SMP Be Visible?

Scalp micropigmentation – the process of ‘tattooing’ hair follicles onto the scalp to look like natural hair – is for everyone. It does not matter what skin tone you have – the process will show up on dark skin or fair skin as long as you have an expert practitioner to guide you through the process, and to carry out the work.

Due to men of Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean, and African backgrounds and ethnicities having naturally thicker hair than men with Caucasian heritage, the process of completely the scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a little different – but it can still be carried out without any after effects. The thicker the hair, the larger the hair follicles, and therefore to give the appearance of natural hair the ‘dots’ placed on darker skin will need to be larger. Care must be taken when carrying out this procedure, as if the dots are too large or they are placed incorrectly, the result can look like a large smudge rather than hair. This is why going to an expert is essential when you want the outcome of the procedure to look attractive.

Another consideration is, of course, how dark the pigment needs to be. A darker pigment is actually easier to work with than a lighter one, and there are dozens of different colours to pick from. A full consultation with your practitioner will determine exactly what pigment is required, and once that is decided it will be possible to work out how many sessions will be needed to complete the work.

It is important to remember that, due to the fact that the pigment will naturally fade, a more defined hairline and style will be required on darker skin. A faded hairline is often used on lighter skin to give a more natural look, but this necessarily requires smaller dots – and these do no look natural on darker skin.