Chris Before
Chris After

Scalp MicroPigmentation client Chris gives us his Testimonial about his hair transformation experience with Vinci Hair Clinic.

Chris found himself balding from a very young age and resorted to wearing hats and caps to hide his baldness. After doing a lot of research on the internet, he found the Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment and after several consultations at a variety of clinics, he chose Vinci Hair Clinic.

Chris decided to have his treatment at our clinic in London, and as you can see by his sympathetic but radical result, he was very pleased with not having to constantly hide his baldness.

As you can see his hairline has been designed to look young, authentic and fits the shape of his face perfectly.

“I never thought that I would have a hairline again after going progressively bald over the past 6-7 years. The hairline looks great, nobody can really notice I have had the treatment done and I can get on with my life now knowing I don’t have to worry about my baldness anymore.”

Original Image Before SMP
Modified Image After SMP

Chris had his treatment done at our Scalp Micro Pigmentation centre in London, where the treatment was conducted over 4-5 session so that his result looked perfect.

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Scalp MicroPigmentation Testimonial – Chris
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