Scalp Pigmentation Pro’s and Cons

After SMP For ScarsAs with any cosmetic procedure, scalp pigmentation has its pros and its cons. When investigating scalp pigmentation as an option to working with your own hair loss, it is important to consider all the aspects, as what will work well for some may not be as great for others – it could be that a hair transplant, for example, would work better.

It is clear that scalp pigmentation can relieve the emotional distress that is so often caused by thinning hair. It increases the self confidence of the patient, and enables them to enjoy life to the fullest once more. So if you are considering this treatment, what are the pros and cons to think about before signing up with a clinic?

Advantages for Scalp Micro Pigmentation

SMP is a Non-Invasive Technique

One of the things that make proponents of scalp pigmentation cite as their reason for going ahead with it is that the procedure is non-invasive. This means that not only is the procedure itself much quicker than other types, but it also means that the desired effect can be achieved quicker too – sometimes in just a few hours. And of course, non-invasive procedures offer a faster healing time, with less chance of infection.

Affordability of the Treatment

Unlike some hair transplant procedures, scalp pigmentation is a lot more affordable. It’s the perfect way to enhance your appearance without spending a fortune to do it.


Scalp pigmentation can last for many years with proper after care. Although touch ups may be necessary, you won’t need to schedule them for many years.

Disadvantages to Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Limited Look

Whereas the more expensive hair transplants grow in line with the follicles, when it comes to scalp pigmentation, there is only really one achievable look – the ‘buzzed’ style. If you would prefer a thicker head of hair, or one that can be styled, then scalp pigmentation may not be for you.

It’s Not 3D

Scalp pigmentation is a very clever – very good – illusion of hair. It is not ‘3D’, so anyone touching your scalp would not feel hair at all.

Does Not Age

This may not be a con at all for some people, but for others it could be very important; because scalp pigmentation is a tattoo, it will not change colour (apart from slight fading), and therefore will not go grey or white with age, unless you choose to have further procedures.