Temporary versus permanent scalp micropigmentation – Which is best?

Improvements in the field of micropigmentation have introduced a new temporary option so that you may decide the duration of the effects of treatment or test a look before making it permanent.

Each of these options has it’s own advantages and disadvantages of course, which we will take a look at. This list is not exhaustive but will offer you general insight into the two options and explain some important factors for comparison and consideration.

Advantages of Temporary SMP

The advantage to having a temporary treatment is that you have the chance to “try out your new look” without being committed to keeping it. Vinci Hair Clinic is not a place where you have to worry about getting a “bad job” done but nevertheless, for some customers it is still more reassuring to know that the results are not forever. If you have doubts as to whether the outcome will look authentic or real enough, then this is a way to test it out.

Additionally, by trying out the process you are able to learn about the maintenance requirements first hand before committing to a permanent change in your daily routine.

SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation Sydney

Disadvantages of Temporary SMP

If you decide you love the new look and want to keep it, then the overall cost becomes higher as you then have to undergo the permanent treatment afterward. Or, as some customers decide, another temporary treatment again.

The duration of the effects from the temporary pigmentation vary from person to person making it hard to predict the fading period of the temporary option.

Advantages of Permanent SMP

Once the permanent job is done your set with the new look and almost inconsequential maintenance. Touch-ups on the permanent procedure can be useful if fading occurs, but usually not needed until at least 4 – 7 years following treatment.

With the permanent option you don’t have to repeat the procedure as you would with the temporary option, which is more costly and requires you to go through the initial healing process again.

Important to know is that permanent SMP procedure is actually not as rigid as some might think. It can be completely removed by laser and have alterations and adjustments made if desired. Even though it will last if it you want it, you are still free to change your mind later.

You will save money by doing the permanent procedure from the start rather than choosing the temporary option and then having to re-apply the permanent pigment, and because the permanent option doesn’t automatically imply that you cannot later change your mind either slightly or completely, it can be a good way to go.

Disadvantages to Permanent SMP

Although fading does happen slightly over time, the effects of a permanent treatment really do last. Although this is an advantage for many, if you did decide you wanted to fully remove the pigment, then a laser procedure is required.

What do we offer?

At Vinci Hair Clinic we are able to discuss both options with you, and provide either treatment type. For more information please contact us.