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  • As the capital city of Wales, Cardiff is a convenient and easily accessible location for our hair loss clinic. Cardiff has excellent public transport connections, and is a good choice for those living in the city and the surrounding region.
  • Vinci Hair Clinic Cardiff is part of our worldwide network, with more than 30 hair restoration treatment centres in 13 countries. We are renown for our superior quality services, offering scientifically proven hair restoration treatments and excellent, permanent results.
  • At Vinci Hair Clinic in Cardiff, you can expect to experience the same high standards set by our international hair loss clinics, with personalised care every step of the way.

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Whether you have just started to notice hair loss, or have been searching for the right hair restoration solution for you for a while, Vinci Hair Clinic Cardiff can help. You can learn more about how we can treat your hair loss with a free, private consultation at our hair and scalp clinic. Your completely free and fully confidential scalp micropigmentation consultation includes a full analysis of your hair loss and a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and goals. Vinci Hair Clinic has already helped a long list of men and women, including celebrities whose appearance is always under the microscope, to achieve the look they want, and we can do the same for you.

  • Don’t let hair loss stop you from enjoying the life that you deserve.
  • Take your first step on your journey to hair restoration today by booking your no-obligation hair loss consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic Cardiff.
  • Arranging your appointment couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is complete our simple online contact form, or call our friendly team on 020 300 494 84.

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Find out more about our Scalp Micro Pigmentation Treatments:

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a revolutionary procedure provided by Vinci Hair Clinics. Our innovative treatment can provide a solution for a range of hair related problems. Our international success story has only been made possible because we consistently deliver natural looking sympathetic results, that compliment and enhance our customer’s appearance.

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This optical hair simulation darkens the scalp in order to get a darker look, closer to the client’s hair colour. During the treatment, further improvements will be done in order to camouflage completely the hair transplant scar. This way you will be able to cut your hair as short as you want without worrying if the scars you might have are visible.

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This Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment is better suited for darker hair colours. Scalp Pigmentation for longer hair can create a similar effect to Toppik and Nanogen hair fibres, and is especially effective at masking the effect of hair thinning.

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After years of seeing my hair fall out, I had looked at various solutions for curing my hair loss and discovered Scalp Micro Pigmentation. I looked at various clinics, from tattoo artists (which I have seen bad results), I discovered Vinci Hair Clinic’s advanced clean and safe Pigmentation solution. After three treatments my results are fantastic and I couldn’t be happier.

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