Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in Los Angeles

Are you searching for specialist scalp micropigmentation clinics in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles? As part of Vinci Hair Clinic’s international network, Vinci LA offers a range of superior hair restoration treatments including our exclusively developed micro scalp pigmentation (MSP).

Vinci Micro Scalp Pigmentation Clinic, LA

Beverly Hills is renown across the globe as being a “Mecca” for those seeking the finest doctors of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. It seemed natural, then, for Vinci Hair Clinic to choose Beverly Hills as a location for one of our hair restoration centres.

Vinci Hair Clinic’s Los Angeles location can be found at 604 S San Vicente Boulevard, steps away from the Beverly Hills neighbourhood. The hair and scalp clinic is an easily accessible choice, whether you are a LA local or you reside elsewhere in California. Those clients who travel to us by car will find metered and free parking nearby, while public transport connections are also readily available. Within walking distance of the clinic are restaurants, shops and other handy amenities. If you need more information on how to get to Vinci’s Beverly Hills micro scalp pigmentation clinic, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are happy to help.

Los Angeles Micro Scalp Pigmentation Treatment

Micro scalp pigmentation was designed by Vinci Hair Clinic to offer an alternative to surgery for those who do not want or cannot have hair transplants. An intricate technique which involves the application of pigments to the scalp using a needle, MSP is comparable to tattooing, but requires considerably more skill. The technicians at our scalp pigmentation clinic in LA are trained in aesthetics as well as technique, and understand the art of designing a hairline to flatter the individual’s facial bone structure. Vinci Hair Clinic Los Angeles can also offer you information about the other surgical and non-surgical hair restoration services that we offer. These include FUT and FUE hair transplants, mesotherapy, PRP therapy and Lasercap therapy.

Where to Get Micro Scalp Pigmentation in Los Angeles

Vinci Hair Clinic in Beverly Hills, LA, are passionate about making sure that hair loss sufferers get the best treatment for their unique condition and hair restoration goals. We believe that being informed about the available hair restoration options is essential, and are always happy to answer any questions. We invite male and female hair loss sufferers who are thinking about getting scalp pigmentation (or other hair restoration treatments) to join our specialists for a free, private consultation. When you come to our Los Angeles hair and scalp clinic for your consultation, we will evaluate your condition and diagnose the causes, as well as chatting with you about what you’d like to achieve. Then, we’ll develop a customised treatment plan, designed to offer a flattering look that will bring your hair loss worries to an end.

Book Your Free Micro Scalp Pigmentation Consultation in Los Angeles

Take action against hair loss today and regain control of your appearance. Booking your free scalp micro pigmentation consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic Los Angeles couldn’t be easier. Simply complete our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or call our team for a chat on 1 844 948 4624. We look forward to hearing from you and kick-starting your journey to hair restoration, and a confident new you.

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