What is the Usual Cost of Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

SMP may appear costly at first, but it represents exceptional value for money in the long run. The typical prices you can expect vary from £1500 to £4000, depending on your requirements.

There are some very important factors to consider, all of which may affect the cost of your treatment:

  • Your real follicle density
  • The amount of hair loss you suffer from
  • The size of your head
  • Any scars that might require concealment
  • Your date flexibility
  • Any guarantees and warranties that may cover the treatment

At Vinci Hair Clinic we pride ourselves on offering world class SMP treatments, whilst providing extremely competitive pricing on all our procedures. Unlike some other providers, our treatments are covered by a guarantee for your peace of mind. For a cost estimate, please contact us.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Birmingham

What are the alternatives and how much do they cost?

It is good to have a good idea about the cost of other alternatives, in order to make a valid comparison of how much you are paying. The most common procedure is a hair transplant, with a varying cost of £4000 upwards. Monthly solutions such as wigs, concealers and medicine can cost between £50 and £100 per month, quite commonly used in combination with one another.

Always ask for a guarantee

You need to discuss the cost of each subsequent session properly. This is because of the fact that fading is different in all cases, and many companies may ask you for more money if they deem it necessary. It is good to ask about any special guarantees, which may be provided by your company. There are those, who will offer free subsequent treatments for corrections of fading.

All Vinci Hair Clinic treatments are covered under our guarantee. Please ask your consultant for details.

What is the experience level of your SMP technician?

We have developed an exceptional reputation for providing high quality SMP and hair transplant procedures. This reputation has taken many years to earn, therefore we protect it by employing and training only the very best surgeons and clinicians.