What Is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

The hair simulation tattoo or by its technical name Scalp Micro Pigmentation or SMP™ is a process used in order to disguise baldness, camouflage old hair transplant scars as well as other scars one may have on the head. Micro-Scalp Pigmentation or MSP™ literally recreates a pre existing hairline or provides a completely new design. If you so choose it, giving the perception of a completely natural shaved head style.

Happy Scalp Micro Pigmentation Client

The process is undertaken by a professionally trained technician and involves the application of medically graded pigments to the patient’s scalp to simulate hair.

Vinci Hair Clinic provides the revolutionary Micro-Scalp Pigmentation or MSP™ procedure at their advanced center in London. Their quality of equipment, training and work ethic make Vinci Clinics the front runner for Micro-Scalp Pigmentation services in the world. The technology used for the MSP™ treatment was developed in Europe and has reached the hearts (and heads) of thousands of customers globally.

Since Vinci clinics offers multiple hair loss solutions its is important to note that each individual case and consultation is viewed and assed with a multi dimensional perspective allowing for the very best customer care and experience one welcomes whilst making such a life changing decision.

It’s a simple equation really:

Specialist Solutions + Specialist Team + Specialist Knowledge = Specialist Outcome