Will Scalp Micro Pigmentation Blend In With My Existing Hair Successfully?

It’s a good question. It’s one that needs to be asked and must be answered before you decide to go ahead with scalp micropigmentation. Will the SMP blend in with the rest of your hair? The short answer is maybe. But that’s not very helpful.

The answer should be a succinct and definite yes, but that depends entirely on the experience and expertise of your SMP practitioner. Being able to blend the pigment of the tattoo with your existing hair is a skill that takes time to master. This is why using a scalp micropigmentation clinic with a good reputation and knowledgeable staff is so important. If the blending of the pigment and your hair isn’t quite right, the join will look obvious. This is clearly not what is intended when you decide to have SMP, and no one could be happy with that result.

Blending works by achieving a gradient of pigment in the scalp – the colour will go from darker to lighter (with it being darker the closer it is to the original hairline) to mimic the look of natural hair. It does take a lot of skill to get this done perfectly, which is why you should speak to your practitioner about this particular part of the SMP process. Ask for testimonials and read reviews – it is important for your peace of mind and the end result. 

Assuming you have a practitioner who knows what they are doing, then blending is not only possible but it will also be entirely successful. Everyone who has a scalp micropigmentation operation will need to have at least a little blending so that the end result looks as natural as possible. As for how much is needed, it will depend on the amount of hair loss, what you want to look like in the end, and whether or not it will be age-appropriate. This last point is important if you want to obtain a truly natural look as anything that is not age-appropriate will immediately look out of place. The point of having SMP is for it not to be noticed.